Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just don’t see it

I don’t see my favorite football team winning the super bowl. I don’t see my favorite Nascar driver winning the championship. I don’t see our economy getting better anytime soon. Am I a negative person? How important are these things to me? Not very.

I’m not sitting on the porch looking at the sunset. I wish I was. My boys were here last weekend and received many blisters and sunburns doing a lot of shovel work and fencing. To travel for 7 hours on a 3 day weekend and work so hard just for us. Wow. What great kids.

I am sitting in my big chair in front of the t.v. with a little boy on each side. They are looking for security; they are looking for time with me. They are looking for love. Luckily, I have plenty for them. But I don’t see a good future for them. That bothers me terribly. I don’t see Mom getting them back. I don’t see Dad getting them back. Honestly, I don’t think the boys care. They told me today with a look of hurt on their faces that mommy took away their beds. They slept on the floor. Right now, these are very happy boys. I hope they have a great childhood and turn out to be as wonderful as my kids are. I don’t want to say, I don’t see it. Reality always comes rushing through my head. If these great little kids go up for adoption, will they stay together? It seems, I worry about these kids as I did my own. This is a tough job. Will Momma Cowgirl and I ever give up on these kids? You can bet your life, I don’t see it.


My hubby wrote this a little while back after we had our kids out doing the work on the corral/stalls. The little boys he refers to are our foster kids.

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