Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Have Questions...

I have my little colt, well, not so little. He turned two on May 9th and he is about 15.1 hh. I notice that when he lays down he of course will choose a nice heavily manured area, which I know they choose because it is either warm and/or soft, but that is not what I am concerned about. I see him lay down at times for as long as 45 minutes or so, even when I approach him, he just lays there.

Yesterday DaddyNotaCowboy walked up to him and he didn’t move, he allowed DNaC to just about sit on him. When he lies down, his momma almost never leaves his side when he sleeps. When he’s about to get up, he will begin to get up, raise his head… then kerplunk, his head drops to the ground again and he seems to go back to sleep for like 2 or 3 minutes, then he does that again and again or he will actually get up and shake and shimmy to get the dust off.

Here Toby is after he finally got up, he just had to come and see what I was doing. He has 2 beautiful blue eyes... see ...

Now my questions

1) Is it normal for a young horse to lie down for so long?

2) Is it normal for him to be so groggy that he can’t get up at first try?

3) How often does a young horse sleep like this?

4) When does a horse get to where they do not lie down very often to sleep?

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Left Shoulder...

My left shoulder is a painin’ me something fierce these last few days. I had a TDAP (tetanus diphtheria, etc) shot there in the upper muscle because I got a scrape from a screw on our corral, but that has been too long to be having this occur now. Anyway, for the last week it seems to be getting a little more painful and I am sure it is not a case of Momma Shoulder. It could be that I have been doing more with the horses on a continual basis then ever before (YEEHAW), it could be that I am old (YEEHAW) it could be that I ran into one of the door frames in the house… yea there has always been a door there (not so YEEHAW). Or maybe it is all the above. Whatever it is, it will pass.

Movin’ on…

All you need to know about life...

....thirteen lessons learned from my horses

1. Eat plenty of roughage.
2. Great legs and a nice rear will get you anywhere in life. Big, brown eyes help too.
3. In times of crises, take a poop.
4. Act dumb when faced with a task you don’t want to do.
5. Follow the herd, that way you can’t be singled out to take the blame.
6. Love those who love you back, especially if they have something good to eat.
7. When in doubt, run far, far away.
8. You can never have too many treats.
9. Passing gas in public is nothing to be ashamed of.
10. Ignore cues, they’re just another prompt to do more work.
11. Never run when you can jog.
12. Never jog when you can walk.
13. And never walk when you can stand still.

I found this on the internet last night when I was wandering all over different horsey sites (author unknown). I sure got a kick out of it and wanted to share.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just a Second

The 4th of July was always a big day for us. It was always a really big production. We always went to the Newport Back Bay Dunes. It was a privately owned cove. It had 2 swimming areas on sandy beaches, grass areas, stores and entertainment for the kids. Momma/cowgirl and I spent a lot of time preparing for this day. We had to get food, clothes, first aid kits, blankets, toys canopies and even a few small tents. Only having six kids, it seemed it was up to us to be there before (at least 5:30am) the gates open and grab the nice spots for the rest of the family and friends. When the gates opened (6am) we would all run with blankets and coolers in hand to find the best spot. Now all we had to do was to unload all the junk and set up the canopies and wait. Wait for what? First we waited for the sun to come out. It was always cloudy and cold at the beach this time in the morning. We all made good use of the blankets. We also waited for the family and friends to show up to claim their spot that we set aside for them. Hours of preparing and now hours of waiting. Then, we saw it. The sun was breaking through the clouds. Oh! and here comes the rest of the family.

By about 10am and all the kids were off playing, Momma/cowgirl started making lunches. Oh, by the way, she wasn’t Momma/cowgirl back then. Just plain and ordinary supermom back then. After the kids ate lunch they had to rest. It was a perfect opportunity for Supermom and I to take a swim, while aunts and uncles took baby and kid watch. We walked on the sand toward the water, my feet burning, but not hers. I ran for the water and dove in. She walked to the water and put her toe in. Then her foot and so on. When she finally got all the way in we went swimming. The swimming area we were in had a huge fiberglass whale for people to play on. There were all kinds of floating devices everywhere. Not too far away there was another swimming area so we decided to make our way towards it. We slowly walked in the water holding hands. Now, we were enjoying some of our time. Days, hours and minutes and finally, it was nice. Supermom and I spotted a little boy, maybe 9 or 10. He was fully clothed floating face up, kind of strange we thought. I wished I could float like that, I float like a bag of old horseshoes. Just as we were approaching him, Supermom noticed that he was frothing at the mouth and his hand was jerking uncontrollably then immediately his body turned face down and he sank. I dove after him and found him quickly. I carried him toward shore and hollered for the lifeguard. He couldn’t hear me. Supermom and I yelled louder but to no avail. Then I yelled ! HEY A**HOLE and got his attention. He came running looking more scared than I was. I laid the boy down and the lifeguard started mouth to mouth. It took what seemed 10 minutes of working on him before the little boy shot about a gallon of salt water from his lungs into the lifeguards face. More lifeguards arrived and put the boy on his side, pushing his stomach to repossess the oceans water. The boy was moving and mumbling and looked quite dazed, but alive! A crowd started to gather and supermom and I slowly headed back toward our kids and canopy to relax. A man came running to us and could not stop saying “thank you, thank you”. An ambulance came and took the shaken boy away.

So it took days, hours, minutes, and a second to be in the right place, at the right time. Soon it was time to do dinner and we could not be more rewarded as watching our kids enjoy this sandy nice meal. Now it became time to take down the canopies and settle on the blankets, wrapping up the children, trying to keep them warm and to watch the fireworks. Six kids and other family members all together watching a beautiful sunset and then a great display of fireworks. Momma/cowgirl and I are very blessed.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's wrong with this?

I can't believe this was even allowed to be published...
Over at Oh Horse Feathers she was talking (ok, she was doing one of her wonderfully famous Publice Announcements (I love her public announcements, btw)) about safety around horses. And this just brings it home way too clear how irresponsible something like this can be to even represent that being in this position is ok. I hope some young person doesn't try this at home!
I plan on emailing the magazine after I have my riding class...which I am off to do in a few.

Y'all be safe now ya hear!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Little boys...

It is such a joy to have these little boys D&J, it certainly brings back the memories of when my 6 kids were little.

Two nights ago after feeding the horses we go to the other end of the property where we had some ride-on toys. Each of the boys picks a toy and I carry the other 2 over to the back door. Then back out to finish the feeding chores. I was out feeding the chickens and the boys went into the garage with TRuck. TRuck had his truck parked backward into the garage to pick up his welder. D&J go in to see what is happening and no doubt to get into something they should not be into. TRuck talks to them and plays with them a little. The hubby arrives home and we go about gathering the boys to go in and eat dinner. Lo and behold, they come to me with hands as black as can be. They had put their hands into the tailpipe of Truck’s truck. Of course, my first thought (I didn’t say good thought) was to rub their hands to try and get it off. Now I have black on my hands.

A little note here: Do not rub this like it is the latest and greatest hand cream on the market. Then don’t have your hubby hold the kids up to the sink and you put a dab of soap in their hands and begin to wash and watch as the mess grows and travels up their little arms. Then don’t let them down without making sure you have a towel ready because they then might use your pant leg to wipe off. Then before you can get your hands clean, they have found something else to mess with. Not that I did this, nah… just take my word on it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My blogging spaces...

This is in the computer room. This cabinet my youngest son, TRuck made for me, it has doors and even latches, but I am not sure what it would look like because it is always open... HA!

What graces my workstation…
1 ….. Picture of my daughter Pookie and my newborn grandson, MLR.
2 ….. the messy bulletin board full of all the sign in and passwords to bunches of sites.
3 …..Picture of my son JDrums and my granddaughter KyKy
4 ….. A Hot Wheels rescue truck. MLR literally loves fire trucks and rescue vehicles,
he gave this to me and I treasure it.
5 …..Page ripped from a magazine advertising a book I want to read.
6 ….. Horse & Rider magazine, May issue (currently reading “A Calmer Horse” by Clinton Anderson)
7 ….. USB attachment for the camera (always on the ready).
8 ….. Horsey mouse pad.
This is actually clean.... LOLOLOL!!

Now, the view from out the computer room window... You can see the little patch of where I was able to pull weeds last week.

This is my night time workstation... my bed...

And the view from my bedroom window.I am constantly looking out at my windows to watch my beautiful beasts.

If you have not been tagged yet.. then consider this it…
BUT you must go over to PONY GIRL RIDES AGAIN and mention in the comments that you have posted your workstation for all to come and see.

Have fun y'all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Foster kids and images...

We got 2 little foster kids last night (short term basis). They are 2 and 3 years old. Their mother was/is a drug addict and these darlings are actually being offered up for adoption. My heart goes out to these little boys. I will share more about them soon.


My images have been stolen. Ok, not stolen, but photobucket, where I have them hosted has had a malicious hacker mess with their site, so it may be a few more days before my site looks back to normal. I am looking into another image hosting site just in case.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Optimistic, the only way to be…

Ok, I have been told by so many that I live in a dream, that I am way too optimistic, that I trust too much, that I believe that all people are full of good, that kindness is something that everyone exhibits. Well, I ain’t a gonna change either!!

I feel that being kind is way more easier than being mean. That forgiving is so much better than holding a grudge. There is less stress in being optimistic than to worrying about things working out. It is so much easier being nice to one another, it kinda helps those that are downtrodden. Oh, and smiling can be contagious. We all live our lives, why not be in a good mood about it. So what that I am too poor to do or have many of the things I want, I just take a look at those less fortunate than I am to see that I am blessed beyond measure.

Yep, optimistically living my life is what I am doing!

Can you tell PINK is my favorite color???? hehehe

HeY YoU WONdeRfUl FathErs.....


I love you my hubby!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day at the Equifest...

I promised a little blurb about our weekend adventure to the Equifest. It is my day off today and there is so much I should be doing, but I don't know where to start, so here I sit writing and reading.*smiles*

Saturday, June 7th......What a great time we had. This was actually our “horse riding class”. Our instructor had us attend this instead of class. I am glad he did. We learned a lot, we got to a check out several clinics. The first one we chose was about lameness and hoof care. We learned about treating abssesses, um abcessiss, no abscesses, yea that’s it, which we had not been doing completely correct before and that alone was a good thing to learn for us.

Then we went to a safety class that was put on by Rocco from the show “Cowboy U” (I love that show). I forgot what Rocco said about when it was going to be on again, I will have to check it out on the internet. Anyway, Rocco and his horse showed us things to do to be safe around horses.

Then we went into the large arena where Rocco introduced us to his best wrangler at his ranch. They had set up several jumps to have this wrangler, who was riding bareback, to show us the agility of the wrangler and horse. The topic was about the importance of warming up your horse before going out on a ride of any kind.

Rocco went on and on about how lucky he was to have the best wrangler there ever was to work his horses and be a part of his ranch.... that wrangler is a GIRL!! Did you hear me...a GIRL! YeeHaw!!

We ran into people we knew and would gab a little. I over heard hubby mentioned to one of our friends from class about how we have had 2 round pens and have not used them for anything other than to stall a horse or two when we needed. We just did not have the dedicated time to use them as round pens., so we ended up taking them down and using the panels to make separate stalls for each horse. Anyway, hubby also said that we have enough pipe fencing material to make a round pen again (I don't think hubby knew I was in ear shot of that comment).

So then off to the next arena....
This is Clay , a John Lyons instructor,

he trains horses throughout the US. He had a nice paint from a lady in the audience that he was showing how to take care of problems/habits that an older horse has been allowed to get away with or a horse that has just not had any training. This paint was pretty well behaved. He was very much a one sided horse, being comfortable with some things on one side only. The lady had this horse for about 8 months and she has a long way to go.

Then back to seeing Rocco for more general safety things. Again we see people we know and gab... LOL

Oh, oh… there was also a tack swap meet and we were able to pick up a beautiful headstall / reins and bit set (we only needed the reins, but we can always use the extra headstall) which were only $35, a nice fleece lined cinch for $5 and replacement stirrups for $20 (one of mine our old previous dog, Rambo, got to and chewed off some of the leather). Woohoo, a good day!

I like going out on the weekends cause I get to wear clothes. Ok, not that I run around nekkid all the time, it’s just that I wear scrubs every work day. So it is nice to dress in my wranglers, wear my new bling bling belt and all. It almost feels funny to wear normal clothes.

So after the equifest, I kinda ease into .... "so, we do have enough to make a round pen?" I ask hubby and we decide that yes we need to put up a round pen again. Cool, I love working outdoors when the weather is nice!

Chit.. that reminds me how much work I need to do.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our puppy Tank

Our Tankie passed away yesterday. It is hard to sit here and try and write. I am taking a few days away from here.

God has chosen you to go with him so you can bring comfort and joy to those in heaven.
We loved you so!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Got you ladies attention, didn’t I? Sorry, there not on a cowboy. When walking through Wal-Mart or other stores, I can’t keep up with cowgirl/Momma. She’s not very fond of shopping….Now, at the Equifest, it’s another story. The first reason to walk slowly is to check out the surroundings, anything from tack to cowboys. The second reason is those tight ass jeans. Her steps are a might shorter. Now I wouldn’t be complaining if I were able to walk behind her. I couldn’t seem to accomplish that. Hey, maybe she wanted to walk behind me so I couldn’t see her checking out other jeans. You know the ones that have broad shoulders and a cowboy hat above them. I don’t really mind much, cause I know who she’ll be bunking with tonight and every night. It was a good day even though we spent a bit much.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today and tonight...

What a day hubby and I had. We went to a cool event in the next town. An Equifest. I did get pics! Tomorrow I will write all about it. I even got me some kettle corn,,,yum!

This evening hubby had to move a water line that was at the end of the stalls that broke this morning, so while he was doing that I worked with Bunny (our big beauty QH) with leading with respect. We had allowed her to basically walk too close and too fast, mainly because we did not know what we were doing as a horse owner. It took very little time to have her back to being respectful and minding well. She had it in her from years of being handled, it was me that did not have the knowledge to keep her in line consistently.
Then when hubby was done with the line, we took Jackie (our palomino) and Toby, her baby colt, out on lead lines. Jackie is so well tuned and doesn't need work, but we figured to have Toby watch and learn. He did amazingly well. This was the first time we actually "worked" on him leading. Maybe it helps that his trust with us is strong. Plus his mommy has been a great teacher. Hubby and I tease that she is so laid back and mellow that we have to put a quarter in her to move. In a horse training class, we were told that horses young can get a lot of their mannerisms from the mother. We feel we are truly blessed with this little guy, he is a good boy.

Then we came in and watched the Nationwide Nascar Race, (it was recorded). Good thing about recording the race is we can blast through the commercials, bad thing is that sometimes you have to make sure you also set the DVR to record the program that follows the race. Sure enough, it was down to 3o laps to go and the recording stopped and we had not gotten the following program recorded. CHIT! hehehe. We did find out that the driver we hoped would win, won... cool!

Now it is my time to visit blogs. I started at 8:30, it is now 10:45. I start out at the ones I have in my blogroll, then I tend to branch out and end up reading a ton more. There is just not enough time to continue with my venture tonight for much longer cause my eyes are burning but there are so many cool blogs to check out. I AM ADDICTED. I have so many new ones I want to add to my blogroll.... all in time, it will happen.

I visited Pony Girl Rides Again blog a few minutes ago and she mentioned that over at Mud Ranch's Real Dirt blog about a great game going there where you can pick which of Doreman Burn's cowgirl portraits best represent you. So, I picked....Gotta have the hair just right and a nice pair of earrings on to go riding...LOL Actually I wished I could look so good in my wranglers.. HA!
So, if'n you gals want to browse through some nice pics and choose your likeness, check it out here.
Thank you Pony Girl for sharing that, I had fun.

Now onto reading a little longer, then nite nite for me.

Talk at y'all tomorrow!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I dread this time. My lovely palomino, Jackie, she stands still for me when I go toward her with the syringe. She does this liplock thing and starts drooling before I get near her mouth, but she does not fight me. She waits til I am done, then gets her tongue moving a tiny bit, but she will actually stays tight lipped for, um gosh, 2 minutes. I even gave her a little equine senior right after to get her to eat and get rid of the taste of that awful stuff, but she waits. She is such a mellow girl.

Then I move to Bunny, our big beauty. She begins the dance...she paces a few times, then allows me to put a rope around her neck, but she won't stop moving her head. I wait until I get hubby to help me. She still wants to move her head up and down, then finally decides we are not going to give in until she lets us administer the dastardly tasting gunk. She has spunk for her 22 years.

Then onto the baby, Toby. I mix his in mare and foal pellets and a little alfalfa and some molasses, he hesitates and sniffs and snorts and shakes his head, but I keep pressure at his side to get him to eat, he reluctantly does. He is a good boy.

I vow to get the apple flavored dewormer for next time!

What is your method for giving dewormer?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sleepless Nights

It’s very easy to lose sleep. Sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about what lies ahead. Maybe its bills or maybe it’s the job or maybe its family or pets. I lay here in the middle of the night, thinking about those horrible little lint people. It started years ago when all six kids were in their teens. Having such a large family on a single paycheck I had to fix everything I could. Time after time I yelled at the kids and sometimes even at cowgirl/momma to clean out the lint trap in the dryer. Time after time none of them would admit to the crime. That really pissed me off. Now, there are only three of us and the lint screen in the dryer is still packed with lint. Cowgirl/momma insists she empties it every time. Hey, I know cowgirls don’t lie. So I started looking around. First I looked behind the dryer and then in the dryer vent. I found nothing. I wondered where the lint came from. We always threw it away after we cleaned the screen. Then it hit me. Now I know where all my single socks went to. The little lint people must grind them up and pack them in the dryer screen. When I went to bed, I knew I was on the right trail. I’ll find them suckers yet. That morning, when I woke up I saw it right away. I didn’t want to move. They knew I was after them and to show me they were not afraid, they placed a large piece of lint in my belly button. This is one time when I wish I had an outty.

Maybe a little lint in the dryer screen is not so bad after all.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Riding class...

Hubby and I attended our first class tonight. We even had a test, which everyone got the answers right because the instructor did the test with us... HA!
We watched a dvd with Clinton Anderson showing safety tips about getting the horse ready to be saddled and how to take care of your tack. A little boring, but I certainly learned something.

This class will be a fun and informative class. We will get to ride twice a week with the class and we sure do need the instruction. Luckily our horses trailer well and stand well to get saddled.

This Saturday is the local Equifest that our instructor has made attendance mandatory to cover our first Saturday class, which I am actually very happy to attend. I think the whole class is happy about that decision. The Equifest is sponsored 100% by Olsen's Grain this year and there will be several clinician that I want to see. It will be a busy fufilling day.

Well, Sorry such a short post, but its bedtime. Nite nite. Talk at ya tomorrow if I can.