Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just don’t see it

I don’t see my favorite football team winning the super bowl. I don’t see my favorite Nascar driver winning the championship. I don’t see our economy getting better anytime soon. Am I a negative person? How important are these things to me? Not very.

I’m not sitting on the porch looking at the sunset. I wish I was. My boys were here last weekend and received many blisters and sunburns doing a lot of shovel work and fencing. To travel for 7 hours on a 3 day weekend and work so hard just for us. Wow. What great kids.

I am sitting in my big chair in front of the t.v. with a little boy on each side. They are looking for security; they are looking for time with me. They are looking for love. Luckily, I have plenty for them. But I don’t see a good future for them. That bothers me terribly. I don’t see Mom getting them back. I don’t see Dad getting them back. Honestly, I don’t think the boys care. They told me today with a look of hurt on their faces that mommy took away their beds. They slept on the floor. Right now, these are very happy boys. I hope they have a great childhood and turn out to be as wonderful as my kids are. I don’t want to say, I don’t see it. Reality always comes rushing through my head. If these great little kids go up for adoption, will they stay together? It seems, I worry about these kids as I did my own. This is a tough job. Will Momma Cowgirl and I ever give up on these kids? You can bet your life, I don’t see it.


My hubby wrote this a little while back after we had our kids out doing the work on the corral/stalls. The little boys he refers to are our foster kids.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have not been around lately to write, of happenin's and goin's on, if anyone noticed. I often wonder of other's when they go missing for a while...I sometimes wish there were a way to just peek in on them to see that all is well.

As for me being away.. it has just been a matter of not having the time of late to sit for more than a few minutes at the computer........ and it is not to do the things I enjoy, but to get a few things done, like paying my dreadful bills, purchase a few things for the home and such.

There have been a great deal of mundane and the usual stuff going on along with some great fun stuff. We went to California for 4 days in October. Me and all my kids (that is 6 of them) and most of thier significant others went to Knott's Scary Farm. That was a blast!!

I and my youngest sat here off and on watching items on Ebay that we were trying to get. What an awful thing Ebay is! I can't see people doing this kind of thing very much to buy things. It is a major chore and takes days to get one thing and the last minute is frenzy to get your bid in... THEN you have to hope you got the winning bid, cause if not, you start another 3 or 4 days watching again to see if you can win this next one... geez. I am positive it is rigged by the sellers to bid on thier own items to get the price high enough to thier liking. I am one that if I see an item, I will "watch" it. I am not going to make a bid til the last second. If everyone did that then peoples items would be bought at truly bargain prices. More on Ebay bargaining in another post.

After our mini California trip, it has been busy busy stuff with the little skiddos. They have each had colds and/or coughs that are always fun to deal with. The younger skiddo just had a dental appointment where they had to completely knock him out. They had tried on another occasion to take care of his many cavities in the dentist's office... they gave him the "juice" to supposedly calm him down, which in about 20 minutes I could see that he was really getting relaxed, but about 10 minutes after that he was as hyper as could be and the dentist even tried putting him in the straight jacket type devise they have for little ones and there was no way the dentist could get anything done.... so knocked out was the only way. He now has one silver coated tooth and many others that the cavities are scrapped away from. The dentist says this decaying of thier teeth is no doubt from the METH the mother and father had them exposed to.

Now it is time to gear up for Turkey day..... yeehaw! taken from the Associated Press release of Nov 14, 2008............. The American Farm Bureau Federation says the typical Thanksgiving meal is up a bit from last year. Even so, the cost of making a traditional meal at home for 10 people is still a pretty good bargain. It puts the average cost at $44.61 this year, up $2.35 from last year.

So, look for the bargains, maybe even get yourself a free turkey with the purchase of a certain amount of food.

Because I travel out of state to visit my kids, I just email them the list of food to get and they all pitch in to buy. Then we go out there and while the kids play thier traditional Turkey Day Football game all I have to do is cook. Check out what my hubby wrote last year!

This is a SWEET DEAL every year!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

But you knew this....

hhhmmmm...What do men wear under their kilts??? .... LOL

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Elvis and horses...

Did you know that Elvis loved horses??? He once got a horse for his girlfriend and wanted another one for Priscilla so his girlfriend would have someone to ride with.

This was circa 1950's.

This was 1969, I am not sure but I think this horse's name is Rising Sun.

This is Rising Sun (for sure), Elvis' most prized horse.

Elvis ended up naming his barn House of the Rising Sun because of his love of this horse.

Elvis had a horse that lived to be 50 years old according to a housekeeper of his. Apparently Rising Sun lived to be 32.

Just a little trivia that I thought was kind of cool to know.

What famous person do you know that had a love of horses?

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do your own thing...

Wowee... Thank you all for mentioning my signature. I sometimes get carried away with things on the net. I used to make webpages for the heck of it. I mostly just manipulated pictures that I would fiddle with in Paint Shop and post to a free web host and add music. I would do all the html writing for it too. It was just something I enjoyed learning about.

Now I do not have time for that fun hobby of fiddling in Paint Shop.

But the other day I saw a "signature" on another blog and figured I wanted one. So, I made me one.

Here is how I did it.........

First you choose a paint program that you like using.

(figure 1)

I use Paint Shop Pro (figure 1). Many people I know really like Photo Shop. Whatever you like working with will work.

1. Once in your program, choose an image (if you want an image to be part of your signature). I will use a horseshoe for this example.

2. Start with a blank "image box" the size you want for your signature to be and copy and paste the horseshoe onto the blank image box as a new layer (so you can move it around later if you need to).(figure 2)

3. Then add whatever text you want. (figure 2) (I always add a layer to my blank image box prior to adding my text so I can move it if need be or delete and start again on just the text without losing the "image" placed into the box.) So, now I have 3 layers that can each be changed if I don't like any given one.

4. Once you like what you have done, save your "signature" as a jpeg.

5. You will now need to upload your image to your favorite photo hosting site. (figure 3) I use "" because it is easy and free.

(figure 3)

5. Once your image is uploaded, then go to your blogger dashboard (figure 4). (I usually just open another tab so I can leave open.) You will need to access your uploaded picture information from your image hosting site again later.

6. Once in your dashboard, click on "settings".

(figure 4)

7. Then click on "formatting". (figure 5)

(figure 5)

8. Then once you are in formatting.... scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it says "Post Template". (figure 6) This is where you will place the image source information. (I will have this info at the end of the lesson.... LOL). By placing this info into this area you are making it so that this signature will be placed automattically into each blog post you write.

(figure 6)

9. Now click back over to your "" tab (or whatever photo hosting site you are using) and copy the image source info from there. (figure 7)

*If you use Photobucket you choose "Direct Link". Any other site you need to choose the information that starts with "http:\\" and ends with ".jpg"

(figure 7)

This is what my photo image information looks like for the signature I made for this example:

and this would be put into the following html in place of "YOUR IMAGE INFO HERE"

*You need to make sure there are quote marks at the

beginning of h t t p:\ \and right after .jpg

in the html.

10. Now type the above html with your own image info into the

"Post Template" box as in figure 8.

(figure 8)

11. Then "save" your settings.

*Note... your new signature will now be placed on each of your posts you write, it will not be placed on all the posts you have already done.

***Other notes... when you compose a new post you will see the signature within your compose window. You have several options here....... You can resize it by clicking on it and manipulating it. You can click on it and delete it for that particular post. You can leave the signature at the top and type your post under it or you can move it where ever you please within your post. You can left justify, right justify or center it. By placing the little bit of html information into the "post template" of your blog settings all you are doing is telling blogger to place it within your post. You get to play with it however you want.

I plan on making a bunch of them and use them depending on my mood or holiday or what-have-you. I am also going to try my hand at both a transparent .gif and an animated .gif for a signature.

If you have questions or suggestions, I am open to anything!!!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I just learned how to do this...

LOL, yeehaw, I have me self a signature

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Windmills and old barns...

I love old barns. I love old windmills.
I went looking at old barn pictures and pictures of windmills on the net last night. These are some of the ones I got and to beat all, some even have a windmill in the picture to boot...
(the last picture is the one I just took out my back door)

This barn is pretty detailed...

I like seeing the roof lines and the different material that have gone into making these barns.This is a barn in Moscow from 1922...
This was on the barn site, but I don't think it is a barn...

A window from a brick barn...
I just had to collect this because of the way the weeds and flowers are growing about it.
Why would a roof line like this be constructed??

And this is the windmill that is on the empty 5 acres behind us.
(behind these 5 acres is another empty 50 acres with a small ridge of mountains that made it so we could not get internet or cell phone service for the first 5 years we lived here...LOL)

I don't have a barn... but that is on my wish list for sure!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

To the Moon and back again...

I was just reading my favorite blogs.... (even though I really should be doing something else). And Mrs Mom of "Oh Horse Feathers" is sharing this pic...

I just had to share too.
We all need a good laugh as often as we can get them!
You have officially been mooned.
Y'all come back again soon!

About any Wednesday...

Ok, here is a chance to get something on my blog on any given Wednesday and not have to spend anytime writing a single word.... Wordless Wednesday! I like this day. I even have about 3 pictures to place on this wonderful middle of the week day, but have I done it yet??? NO, Wednesday comes and goes before I can shake a stick at it....geez.

So... here I sit this wonderful Saturday morning and I am going to read and read and do catch up with my favorite blogs again. I keep thinking that if I finally catch up with all of them then I can very easily read each one each night... yea right, I sure wished it worked that way. Maybe when the skiddos go to their new daycare place I will then again have a lunch hour at work and I can make the effort to read on my time. Currently I work four 10 hour days, from 7 to 5 because the daycare will not take them earlier than a few minutes before 7 or keep them much more than a few minutes later than 5, I do not take a lunch (my work place is great in letting us eat at our desks as long as we continue to work, so I can get paid my full 10 hours.... but no time for me).

I got off subject there, sooo, I guess I am going to have to put a reminder in my outlook when Wednesday is so I can get a silly (because I don't do beautiful like Train Wreck and all the other bloggers out there) picture posted.... LOL

Y'all have a super Saturday ya hear!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Pumpkins... oh my...

Everywhere I look there are pumpkins abound. This is the beautiful harvest season.

I love this time of year, we are officially passed the monsoons (like they can really put an end date on them... I mean, since on the calender we have passed the date that they say is the end of the monsoon season I suppose that means when we get the torrential blowing rain that we expect this weekend it is not a monsoon.... so what the heck will it be???? ...LOL) anyway, it is still nice and warm to be able to be outside in the evenings with the horses a little while. I was really tired of the rain and mud. I know my horses are liking it more too now that they have less mud to stand in.

Look at this old photo I found… now these are some BIG pumpkins!!

Oh but my gosh, where did the year go?

Halloween and Thanksgiving loom so close, then of course as fast as can be will be Christmas.

Now is the time I look at my “to-do” lists and reevaluate what needs to get done. I inevitably will be adding to them, but I look them over to see what will be the inside stuff to get done. I actually hate doing the inside stuff. I am still a California girl at heart and would rather be outside and barefoot.

My babysitter loves Halloween. She goes all out, she loves this holiday the most out of all of them. The day after she decorated, the skiddos were having a great time with the decorations after they got past the shock of seeing it all. I don’t have decorations anymore for Halloween. I guess I am a party pooper.

There is this farm here that one can go and pick out their own pumpkins. They show you the way into the patch (the corn field where they hide the pumpkins), but it is up to you to figure out how to get out.
Here is where you go in...I think maybe we may take the skiddos there to pick out a few pumpkins. Then I will have to put them on a bale of straw out front… yippee… decorations!

How do you decorate this Halloween holiday?