Saturday, January 24, 2009

still kicking

The Kids are doing great and are learning to accept our ways. They had a great time this holiday season. I believe they feel the love we have shown them. Being a parent must be one of the hardest things one can face. You never know how your kids will turn out. Our own kids have accepted these little boys as family from day one. Sure does make us proud of them. Our own kids have grown up watching cowgirl and I face life challenges. For 38 years, cowgirl and I shared each other lives and even thoughts. I know we share the same thoughts because if I want something from a kitchen drawer, she is standing in front of it. If she needs something from the closet, I’m already in it. It gets comical sometimes. So Valentines day it will be 38 years together. I don’t know how many days that is, but when you wake up with your best friend next to you for all those years, life is good. Having a sense of humor helps a lot. Being 5ft 2in. and a beautiful blonde doesn’t hurt either. Guess which one of those is me, yuk yuk. Oh poop the boys are bothering me for some batteries to make one of their noisiest toys work. I’m nice, but not that nice. These boys came here in diapers and a blanket, when they leave here, they will need a U-HAUL truck to carry their belongings. Oh! Cowgirl has a new little cowboy of her own. Can’t weigh more than 3 pounds and wag his tail every time she walks into the room. I know how he feels. Thanks for all the nice comments on our last blog. Have a Great Valentines day.