Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sucks to be sick...

Yep, it does, big time!

No, no... I am not sick, but the hubby is definitely getting sick.
I heard it in the way he was coughing last night.
And sure enough, this morning he is achy, breaky, cough, coughing!
Darn it, and we had a mini vacation planned for this weekend.
I am sure we are still going to go, but gosh, I hate it when 
he doesn't feel up to it.

I will hit him with some antibiotics, some warm soup
and hot baths for the next few days
and pray that makes him feel better.

  photo bath_zps1d8e1ab2.jpg

Okay... so this is not my bath... but I can paste this to the wall while he takes a bath.