Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soft scrub... homemade...

I had soft scrub, the orange kid on my list to get
at the grocery store yesterday.
But when I got there, my store didn't have it, they had the 
regular soft scrub. But when I saw the price I about 
gagged right there in front to the lady that was walking by me.
It was $6 and some change.
No way was I buying that.
Well, I was looking around for other off brand soft scrubs,
I was looking for any orange scrub, but none was there.

I noticed some orange dishwashing detergent, store brand. And then I saw some
cheap natural powder cleanser by Bon Ami. I read the ingredients in the Bon Ami and I liked that it was all natural.
So, I bought these 2 products figuring I could make my own soft scrub.
The store brand detergent cost $3.29
and the Bon Ami cost 99cents.

I did make a wonderful soft scrub and for 
only 81 cents a bottle.
And I have enough product left to make 4 more bottles.

Please see the video I made about it :


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Small revamp...

I am working on a small revamp of my living room.
I brought in 2 blackish (you can see a little wood grain in them) from my patio room. They belong to my daughter , but I have been storing them here for more than a year, and it doesn't look like she will be using them anytime soon or even later so she has kindle let me use them.

I wanted to add them to the same wall that my TV is at to make a unit for all my videos and pictures.
I also have several pictures to put up
and so many more to get get framed and hung.

I have pale yellow walls with white baseboards
and  I have used nothing but black frames
for all my photos so far.

Here is a little video I put together to share:

Thanks for stopping by!
Take care everyone!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween Tag Swap!

 Halloween Tag Swap 
{video clip}

My little video sharing with you the tag I made for a tag swap I participated in.
Please click the above link to view my video.

Here are the pictures of my tag.
I made two in case one came out icky, I could send the better of the two. LOL

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!
Don't peak Jo from Australia {my swap partner}.

The tags have purple, black and gold fibers, I also made a small little pocket for the tiny removable tags that say "Witches Ball"
{came from The Altered Paper }

I used my own spritz paints I made from acrylic paints. I also used a bingo dauber and my finger to distress the edges. And I was able to pick up a small box of Halloween chipboard pieces 
on sale at Joanne's for $2.99.

I don't know if you can see this very well.
and I don't know about anyone else, but
I do a sketch of the design I want to do.
Once I know I am going to work on a project, my mind starts wandering, I even sometimes will dream about what I want to make.
But .. here is my sketch.... don't laugh too hard!

The swap was hosted by Tee from
**Go and see her blog, she hosts several other swaps all year round.**

Take Care!