Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice day outside/Saturday May 30th...

This is our beautiful quarter horse Bunny. When we got her, she was about 17 years old (we have had her about 5 years now) and the most gentle horse. She is a big girl at 16.1 hh. She was mostly used at camps for children as a trail horse. There was a time she spent in Tennessee and the prior owners said she got tick bites and that is why she has the white spots on her. 

Here is a closer look at the many spots she has.
We have been asked numerous times if she has Appaloosa in her. 
Hubby loves his big beauty Bunny. 
We both wish we could get out and ride more!!

Here is my palomino Jackie and her baby, Toby
 (who is not really a baby anymore at 3 years old)
Jackie is the alpha mare in my brood of 5 horses. Except when it comes to Toby, she never makes Toby go away when they eat.

Toby's sire was a Tobiano, so he has a beautiful washed out coloring to his spots. He has a mexican hat and the most beautiful blue eyes.
Toby has had no real training, but because of his momma Jackie
and his auntie Bunny, he has picked up the best behaviors.
Toby is a very laid back horse and loves attention.
You can't see real well, but he does have blue eyes behind those white eyelashes.


My hubby got a new 660 quad and already he is taking it apart to fix a few minor things.

We have one of my sons out from California this weekend to help us fix our truck.
He really did not have to do this, but he wanted to make sure we 
had our truck running to go out to see our daughter have her baby daughter.

Today it was suppose to rain. This is the sky to the south and it was very clear. 

I looked straight up and saw the moon amongst the clouds.
What a pretty sight. 

The rain did come, but it was pretty far to the north of us... thank goodness!
This is a shot to the north of our property, if it was clear, we could see the San Fransisco Peaks and the top of the mountain in Flagstaff.

Here is my GMC waiting to get it's fly wheel changed. Wouldn't you know it, 
we get it all apart, pulled out the bad fly wheel
 to find that the auto parts store gave us the wrong one.
Hubby and my sons go out the next day to check with all the auto parts places they can. We are just too small a town (we have 2 auto parts stores) and the next towns over also did not have the part we needed. So we had to wait til Monday to order it. (we picked it up last night).
We definetly need this fixed, my daughter is due June 17th (which is also my 
hubby's birthday...*Smiles*)

My oldest son, Mattress brought back my youngest son's, TRuck's, truck.
This was kind of a long story. But I'll briefly tell ya about it.
TRuck was spending too much fixing the truck up,
getting computers to make it faster, getting a wench, lifting it, getting great big tires 
and more. But... he did not bother to make sure he had enough to pay the payments,
so he ended up missing one, then he was about to miss another one.
So, back in February, TRuck's oldest brother, Mattress said he would take the truck, get the payments caught up and then take over the payments. 
Long story short, circumstances came about that it was not what Mattress
really wanted in a truck and TRuck wanted his truck back if 
Mattress was okay with it. 

So, TRuck has his truck back with a more mature attitude about making sure he makes the payments before he does anything else.


We were suppose to take care of the 100 or so weeds we have out in the 
pasture, these are so pretty... but boy are they sticker infested 
and are not good for the horses.

It is now June 5th and we have not been out to pick these weeds...Damn it!

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