Sunday, August 24, 2008

More crap...

Virus attack!! It hasn't stopped.
My blog got hijacked. Thank goodness all I lost was my background layout and my XML changes. Luckily when I logged on all my added elements were still there but with a blogger default template that I had originally chosen when I started blogging. A big whewwww!
I have found that I cannot update my header nor change any of the XML. So for now, I hope this is the worst it can do to me.
My son Kevo cannot get out here fast enough!!!

What can be next?

Ok, things happen in threes.. so I must be done with crap happening for a while, right?

We have a laptop, I bought it for hubby, DNaC, about a year and half ago and it was not a cheap one. Over the last few months it was getting harder and harder to charge the thing. The power plug connection was getting disturbed and loosening. It finally got to the point that the connection was just not there. I called around and most places didn’t want to touch it because it involved soldering the ac connector back on the mother board. I did find one place that said it can be done, it would cost about $165. Better than buying a new laptop, but I was told there are no guarantees. CRAP! I had bought the thing at Best Buy, so since we had to make the long trip into town last weekend we took it back to Best Buy and they said it would be $38.94 to have the estimate. They send it off to do this. I got the call yesterday that it would cost $150 minus the $38.94 I paid already and it would take just a few more days and with a guarantee. YEEHAW!

Last Wednesday there was nothing special happening weather wise, not a bad lightning thunderstorm coming through, but …sure enough something took a zap. You see, we have had a microwave. It came with the house when we bought it, we have been here going on 6 years now. Don’t microwaves last longer than 6 years??? I guess not. So, when DNaC had to go into town to take J to his “intake” evaluation (more on that later), DNaC went on over to WalMart and picked up a new microwave. YEEHAW!

Yesterday my son, TRuck, was getting wired for 220, I mean, he was getting a 220 plug wired and ready to use on our generator, so that we are able to use his welder properly to weld our pipe fenced stalls that we are putting up in place of the temporary ones we have had. This is in preparation to be able to use the temporary panels to make our round pen. Anyway, DNaC and TRuck could not quite figure out the new wiring for the plug and called a friend to help them out. Friend came and brought his meter to check things out. Friend said we wired the pug correctly, then tested the generator. Now, we spent $988 on this generator to use in a used toy hauler that we were going to buy, which we did not buy. We ended up buying a brand new toy hauler that came with a generator. So, we have not had to use the generator much and only have but 14.4 hours of use on it. Well, of course, we find out that something inside the engine part of the generator is not working right. There is a “drop out” or whatever that is making the generator only put out about 20 amps/volts (whatever they call it) into one hot part of the plug and the proper amount into the other hot part of the plug. Basically we can use it, but it won’t put enough juice out to use the welder properly. So, next time we make a trip into town, we will have to take this generator back to Costco and hope they will exchange it for us. Hopefully a YEEHAW!

That is three… so leave us alone for a while….. ok?

Oh, there is a bonus…. Gosh darn it! Yesterday afternoon I was on the net at a trusted website to just look, mind you, no downloading or anything and I clicked on a link to view a larger version of an example website and POW… sure enough a virus let loose on my desktop. It took all my desktop icons, the wallpaper and a few other things and hijacked them and turned them into some stranger. Then it also made it so that when I want to “switch users” and allow another to use their desktop that cannot take place unless we completely “log off” now. I ran my virus protection and it found 6 bad things, but even with dumping the bad stuff, I still have to do a “log off” to switch users. I can’t wait til son #2, Kevo, comes out next weekend, I am going to put him to work on this computer. In the mean time I am going to do a “restore” back a few days before the virus attack and see what that does. YEEHAW!

Later today I will get the pics of the work we have done so far on the pipe fenced stalls.

Happy horsin'around, y'all!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have been so busy.... I have missed posting and reading blogs!!!

It started with R that got a bad cough and cold, then it seemed hubby had it coming on. Hubby was really bad, he sounded like he was going to cough out his lungs.
Then the little one, J sure enough got it, and we treated him with over the counter medication, but last Friday he was just too sick to go to daycare, so the skiddos stayed home with hubby. Then.. guess what... my old body just couldn't keep the bug away. I tried to tell myself I was not getting sick over the weekend, but it didn't listen. I finally went in to the docs, (since i work there) I had a fever, cough, congestion and just felt lousy. I got antibiotics at least. I do feel better, but I still have coughingfits for 20 minutes at a time. It is a dang inconvenience more than anything.
So with being sick, not sleeping for days. Having a husband that is sicker than me and won't go see the doctor, the little, I mean the big butthead. AND having 2 little boys that are still coughing some, I just haven't had any time or brain cells to come up with anything good to write about.

We did start work on the pipe fence stalls over this past weekend and I took pics, I will post about that soon.

Tomorrow I go to a CFT meeting. This is a meeting to find out what will be the case for my little skiddos. We will find out how much jail time the mother will get. The father will be there, but we already know there will never be hope for him to get them because of his prior drug use and crimes and we were also told that his mental capacity is impaired enough that he cannot take custody. I will post more after tomorrow when I learn more.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Disgusting I tell ya...

I was totally and thoroughly disgusted when I happened upon this link about Horse Wrestling. I could rant and rave and share my anger, but I think you can all form your own opinions.
It is a tradition some where near Spain, in a small town called Galiza (I gather). There are many opinions from the blog readers. My personal opinion is this is sick!

This is how it starts.... follow the link or click on the picture for more information on this so-called tradition.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are all Princesses... lmao!

I visited Carroll Farm and she had this little diddy on her blog and I decided to do it.... I was roaring with laughter after I took it and it said that ......

You Are Cinderella!
Image hosted by

Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Actually, I do have loads of patience, I always have hope for the best and am very soft spoken, so it wasn't too far off... LOL!
Ladies, go give it a try and have a little laugh!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ouch & ouch again...

Tuesday evening I am out feeding the horses and sure enough notice on my big beauty, Bunny, a cut on the back of her front left pastern...

I know that horses get into trouble and you just don't know how they seem to get these booboo's, but I sure hate to find them. I cleaned it and sprayed it with bacetracine. It didn't look too bad after it was clean of the perpetual mud we have been having around here.

Then Thursday morning I go out to feed and I see that Bunny has fresh blood on her nose...

Bunny lets me rub all over her nose as I look for any signs of a scratch and there is nothing, no puncture, nothing on her nose.

I move around to check her leg thinking maybe she has irritated her scratch on her pastern and oh my gosh.... she has another huge scrape. She has a hunk of skin scraped off just below the first scratch... I hose it off and check to see how deep it is and spray it galore with Bacetracine (Bactine). She doesn't seem to be babying it in the least, she walks around like nothing happened. I know the flies have a field day on it though.

Then I go about looking everywhere to see if there is skin on any of the parts of the stall, where the panels join, where the gate is connected and don't find any signs of where she could have done this. I just can't figure it out.

So.. questions for you all:

How is it easiest and best to clean it?
(I am using just the hose with as much pressure as she will allow me to use.)

What do you use on wounds like this?

Do you leave it open or cover it?

Do you let it scab over or keep scraping away all the scabbing to keep it from forming scar tissue?

Do you put fly spray on it?
(I am scared that the fly spray may irritate it)

If you have any other recommendations or suggestions.. please do not hesitate to let me know. I have heard many things and want some opinions because it has been a while since my Bunny has had a scrape this bad. Thank you all for your input!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I went out to feed the horses Sunday morning and lookie what I saw… LOL

Noah just chillin’ with the chickens…

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yeehaw... Awards to give

Oh My Gosh, oh my gosh...
I was awarded, ummm I got awarded, oh man, I got 2 awards.
Yeehaw!Thank you so very very much to Train Wreck of
Cowboys, Kids and Sunsets!!!

My not so easy job is to nominate 7 bloggers to receive this from me. I do believe the 7 that I bestow this upon will most likely already have been awarded because they
are all such great blogs.
(Recipient rules are below the honories listed)

Ok, here goes:
In no particular order I nominate these bloggers

of Pony Girl Rides Again
What a great blogger, she is amazing with her pics of her My Boy and she is so informative. She has the ability to really get her fellow bloggers to interact with her topics. She is so full of energy and I am terribly envious of her being able t spend so much time working with her Appaloosa. Go on... click that link and see what you have been missin' if you have not been there yet.
of The Horsesheing Housewife
What an awesome lady, always on the go. And she can handle a rattler with the best of them. She has a cutie patootie around helping her, ummmm I do mean her little girl. Her hubby ain't so bad either. LOL So, check this supurb blog and supurb lady out. You may be able to check out the hubby too if she would get a pic of him on there...hehehe.
of Painted Promise
She has an amazing site. She has mini donkeys, mini mules, mini horses, mini Me... ok, maybe not Mini Me. She has a whole bunch more animals that are not so mini. And way too many dogs. She shares a wide variety of interests that amaze me. Please click on over and visit her, you will never be disappointed.
The Carrolls
of Carroll Farm

Lacy has the cutest blog...lollipops and butterflies. She is a fellow foster parent! She's got bling bling blinkies and she has bling bling girls.... LOL. From horses to toilet parts, she has it all. Get your butt over and check this blog out or I will have to hurt you.... Just Kidding!
of The Ranch on Salmon Creek
I just recently added this blog to my so-called "daily" reads. (i try and read daily, I really do). They always have fantastic pics and share some really great adventures. Don't hesitate to visit this blog often, if not daily.

of The Mills Family
What a neat lady with some great ideas and adventures to share. She has a beautiful home (I saw the pics of her blog space) And what cute, darling kids. You have to go see this blog... for sure man!!
of That Dude
He was my first follower. He is such a great man, a single dad raising 2 boys. His blog is loaded with things and always something controversial, you will enjoy your time there. He can be addicting to read so watch out.

of Dizzy Thoughts
This is my son #2, Kevo's girlfriends blog. They have a cute dog, Indy, that gets his picture taken all the time adn Indy is the star here. Diz writes poetry and stories and has a great imagination. We are pretty proud of her and Kevo, they have a lovely home and always welcome us with open arms when we visit there. I bestow this award to you from the bottom of my heart.
I certainly can't leave out ....MRS MOM
of Oh Horse Feathers & Other Related Twisted Tails

You MUST go see her, she is non stop going, she writes a ton, she is part time lecturer, part time screamer, part time teacher and all the time great person. Nothing more needs to be said other than GO VISIT HER AND MAKE IT OFTEN!!

I want to also mention and reward these fantastic blogs...
BROWNEYED COWGIRL of BrownEyed Cowgirls
KDW OF BlackJack Land & Cattle Co.
NUZZLING MUZZLES of Nuzzling Muzzles

lATIGO LIZ of Latigo Liz
KNUTSEN FAMILY of Knutsen Family
RANCH FAMILY of Ranch Family

I could go on and on, but I have been at this blog forever as it is. If you are on my blogroll and came here and read this, consider yourself awarded!!!


My 2nd award is:
Thank you so much EquineNews!

Hollywood has ruined my life. They have destroyed some of my favorite memories. When they remade THE BEVERLY HILLBILLYS they stunk it up. When they made the remake of the DUKES OF HAZARDS, they stunk it up. I haven’t seen the remake of GET SMART yet, but I’ll bet they stunk it up. They need to leave the classics alone. I am wondering what they would do with THE LONE RANGER. Perhaps they would make it a GAY movie. After all, who would wear a white outfit and a black mask and a Bling Bling holster for his shiny guns. Have a sidekick wearing a ponytail dressed in a leather dress and run around yelling HIGH HO SILVER! Please Hollywood, focus on Brittney and Lindsey and leave our memories alone.

Why there ain't many cowboys...

The cowboy lived a life of hardships back in the day. No, I'm not talking about riding the long dusty trail or breaking wild horses. I'm talking about dating. Of course, they called it courtin' back then, but the goal was the same. They didn't have cell phones to tect with or computers to e-mail with, they didn't even have phones to call a girl and hang up on. So when they got the notion about a girl, it was all face to face, inda. He would get off his horse and walk slowly in her direction and when he got close he would look down at his boots and kick at the dirt. There were no drive-ins back then, can't pretend to stretch his arm over and around her. That wouldn't work while driving a buckboard. The only place to go would be the dance on a Saturday night. Cowboys were real gentlemen back then, you see those buckboards didn't have shocks or even rubber tires, so there was a lot of bouncing around in the seat next to him. He just kept his eyes straight ahead, no peaking.
Now he did't want to get to that dance anytime soon, if at all. He needed an excuse to stop and get off the buckboard in the grassy meadow. He decides to stop and pick her some flowers. Just as he hands them to her to smell, the horses decide to play the Alka-Seltzer know...Plop Plop FizzFizz. Even back then God had a sense of humor. By now it was getting dark and the stars were coming out they decide to put a blanket down in the grass and lay down to count the stars. It was very dark and their hands touch causing a wave of warmth in both of them. When it came up, a smile came to her face. This is what she wanted. This is what she was waiting for. A handsome cowboy, a warm summer night and now a full moon coming up over the trees. There was talk of possibly kissing, there was talk of family and there was talk of the future and then it was time to take her home. Hey, I told you cowboys were gentlemen.
This is why there ain't many cowboys anymore.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The buck off...

Yes, I know many of you have been there… done that. Me too. But I was not only just bucked off, I was literally thrown into the air and proceeded to land on my back right in a spot that happen to have a big ol’ rock there. This happened to me soon after we got our GoGo Bunny Two Shoes. I thought I was this brave woman and I was going to show hubby what I was able to do. I didn’t fear being on a horse even though this was our first horse and I had ridden her but a few times.

Hubby was visiting a neighbor up and around the dirt road (about a half mile away through the fields). I actually found a way to mount my big beauty without help, she stayed still long enough up along a log… LOL. Then I gallantly struck out across our acreage, made it up the road some, she really did not want to be leaving home. She would turn and turn toward home and I would round her and pull her to get her to travel the way I wanted to go. This was hard work, considering I didn’t know what I was truly doing and no doubt Bunny knew this. I made it all the way to within 100 yards of the neighbors home and I just could not handle Bunny any longer, so I decided to go ahead and let her make her way back home. Each time she wanted to run, I would slow her down because the terrain was full of holes and not safe for my sake. When I got to about 300 feet from our property line, she was not having anything to do with me slowing her down and she started her run. I thought this was fine, I am doing ok. But then I knew there was the wash that we would have to pass through. No water in it, but it was deep. She got a few feet into the wash and I could tell she was beginning to falter, she lost her footing and then she hit the bottom and just as quickly had to lift herself up to start up the other side of the wash, she faltered again and the next thing I knew I was in the air, completely clearing Bunny and landing about 5 feet from where she threw me. If there were judges, they would have given me a 10 for that one. LOL ! I laid there not being able to move, I lost my breath, I kinda laughed at myself. Bunny proceeded to her stall and waited there. I did a mental assessment of my body, seemed there was not a thing broken… whew. I was finally able to roll over enough to crawl to the edge of the fence to be able to lift myself up. I limped to Bunny and talked to her, she was pacing, like as if to say she was sorry. I knew this was not her fault at all. I basically could not move for 2 full weeks and I had a nice black and blue bruise in the middle of one of my buttock cheeks from landing on the rock. This was my first lesson to myself that I knew nothing about horses. *smiles*

All better and ready to get back on Bunny:

I was never had any doubt that I would get back on her, but with more respect now.

I am so glad I have come along with the teachings from my horses (and the riding classes we just took). Horses are amazing and I am so glad to have these fine beasts in my life.

Oh, and hubby has not been there done that (yet), lucky guy.