Short for her Age

by - 5/26/2008 09:22:00 AM

Cowgirl/mom is only 5’2”. So I spend most my time looking at the top of her head. She doesn’t have a problem with being short. I like it because if I need to hide something I just put it up high. Being short didn’t hold her back from raising 5 boys and a daughter…When it came to disciplining she just reached up and slapped them in the knee. She hates driving a car….she has to have a big truck….so she can see better, she keeps telling me….but, she gets very frustrated when she tries to climb on her horse. I think her jeans are too tight. Oh well. Now I won’t tell you how small her feet are, but her last pair of tennis shoes are hanging from my rear view mirror. Soooo… its true, good things come in small packages….

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  1. Oh hubby, my sweet honey! You are so dang cute!
    And I appreciate you giving me extra 1/2".
    Yes I do get frustrated that I can't get on my horse without help. But I am working on TRuck to get me set up with a step that I can use for any of the horses.
    I love you baby!

  2. Hee hee! I can totally relate, at barely 5'3"! I love being short and petite though! It has it's advantages. Let me think about what they are....still thinking....hmmm...can I get back to you?

  3. Oh, what a cute post!! I keep trying to get my husband to post on my blog, but he won't do it. Great blog!! I'm adding you to my favorites!!

  4. thanks for commenting on my blog. sort is good as long as your tall enough to ride the rides at Disneyland

    Hi Ranch Mommy...cowgirl/mom always wants me to write blogs...I have written several in the past that I thought were pretty good and didn't get a comment on...I was so so sad, just kidding.Ill be looking forward to visiting your blog
    we will add you to our favorites also

  5. When my brother and I (he over 6', and myself not too far behind,) used to get upset with our mother (she just 5'), we would take all of the dishes and put them way way up top where she could not reach them. She had a thing about heights, and refused to climb up on anything to get things down. Brother and I would disappear for a while, and come back to a very frustrated mother.

    Nothing like being told to "sit down so I can yell at you"....

    Momma Cowgirl, your legs reach the ground, and that works! ;) Great post there Dad- keep them coming!

  6. What a hoot you are Daddy! The post on the toilet paper roller had me falling off my chair! I love a good sense of humor!!

    My hubby reads my blog every day but there's no way I could ever get him to write anything which is too bad cause he is a howl too!

    Also loved your post on sitting on the porch. We LOVE our porch and what I call our 'Walton's swing'. There's just something about a porch swing that is so homey and nice.

  7. I don't like driving cars either...I'm on the short side too and it's harder to see what's going on around me in a car.

  8. Daddy's funny! I think all women should drive big trucks :)
    Wonder if I can get my man to post? I'm scared of what he would say...

  9. Wow, thanks for all the attention. If the daddy's only knew how sweet it is to get comments on silly things that are in their heads. they would do it too.Thanks for all the kindness

  10. Yea.. the hubby is a real hoot. He is thee practical jokester at his work. It never ends. There are times when he gets people laughing so hard and I just roll my eyes cause I am so used to it. Just gotta love him!

    Another thing about being short that is good, when ya fall it is not such a long drop to the ground. HA!


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