Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time on my hands...

Yea right...
We went camping this weekend, had a great time (I will post pics and write about it later because there is just no time).
I need to clean out the toy hauler, but there is just no time. I want to be reading blogs, but there is just no time. I want to write so many things for my blog(my mind is full of um...stupid, um... mundane, um...okay, just stuff to share), but there is just no time. I want to update my Zune player but there is just no time. I want to be outside with my horses, but there is just no time. I want to work with Toby in the round pen, … yep, you know… no time. I want to make a dinner list for the week, no time (we will no doubt just wing-it). I want to watch the football game with my husband, no time. I want to burn a few cd’s, no time. I want to get more covers made for my DVD’s, no time. I want to read the book I started a month ago and have only finished the 1st chapter…
No friggin’ time.
None of these are even on my to-do-list which I never have time for !!!
Man.. I think I need to go lay down for a nap…..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What horse are you?

Ok, I see these silly things and I am always compelled to go and play...

Ah, the Quarter Horse. The most common breed of horse owned in America, noted for it's calm disposition and sensible attitude. A famous quarter horse played Black Beauty in the movie based upon Anne Sewell's book. You don't let life's problems bother you, and you deal with them in the most practical manner. You are quite intelligent, and it wouldn't hurt to use your talents to have a little more fun, to walk a little more on the wild side, like your ancestors.
Your owner will most likely be either a cowboy or a young person learning to ride. You also stand a high chance of becoming a school horse.
Your color will most likely be: Anything, but most likely chestnut.

What breed of horse are you? Find out!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Horses growth...

I read this article and this was stated:

If a young foal looks like a tiny version of an adult horse, it's probably going to be a small horse when it's full-grown. If a young foal reaches the age of two without having gone through an awkward, gangly stage, it's probably going to be a small horse when it's full-grown. The gangly and awkward ones that first seem to have huge heads and huge joints, then grow up one end at a time, first croup-high, then high in front, then croup-high again, and that go through a stage during which they look long and bony and uncoordinated -- those are the ones that will probably be tall when they are full-grown. This would tie in with your source that mentioned a small head indicating early maturity -- it doesn't mean that the horse will actually be physically mature earlier, you'll still need to wait for the skeleton to finish developing. But I would interpret that statement as meaning that a foal that develops adult proportions very early is a foal that is going to grow up to be a small horse.

Questions... Do any of you feel this has merit?

Have any of you heard of this?

How much is probably genetics?

What have been your views on how horses grow in your experience?

My Toby who is 2 years old now. His dam is 15.1hh. She is our palomino. His sire was 16.1hh. Toby is currently a little taller than his momma. Toby grew like it was mentioned above ... gangly, goofy, one end before the other. I did not do the measurement of his leg thingy that a gal told me about to get an approximate height because it was past the right time to do that when she told me about it... follow me? So, how long does a horse continue it's growth (up not out)?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reading material...

I love reading, but not unlike having time to read my favorite blogs, I do not have the time to read my books. Right now these are my current reads:
Heartbreaker by Diana Palmer and Glory Glory by Linda Lael Miller, they are those cute little romance books that one should be able to read in one sitting (if time permits). I love romance books that have something to do with cowboys. In Heartbreaker the main man is a cowboy, but not enough is mentioned about his cowboy ways. Glory Glory will be read once I finish Heartbreaker... which by the way I am going will be a month from now...LOL

These are on my wish list of books I want to have in my library:
Time Well Spent by Gawana Pony Boy... this is not a book, it is a hardbound journal with lovely photos by Gabrielle Boiselle. As commented by a reader...There are lots of lined pages sprinkled with questions from Pony Boy to jog your thoughts and provide a springboard for your writing. Something you can take to the barn and back to your bedside to fill with your words and thoughts.Another book by Gawani Pony Boy...
Of Horses and Women, More Expressions of the Magical Bond. It is a collection of essays from horse women.
Two books by Mark Rashid
Considering the Horse...Filled with entertaining stories that will introduce you to quiet solutions for resolving training problems.

and...A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color Here the auther uses heart-warming and humorous stories to share his techneques of teaching horses by understanding their view of the world.Horse Women, Strength...Beauty...Passion by Melissa Sovey
It is filled with wonderful photos of horses and their women.
And this is not the last book I have on my wish list, it is only the last one that I will share with you at this time.
It is a book by Joan Johnston called Sisters Found.
About 3 sisters, family reunions and weddings that should bring joy, not chaos, but the latter is what the Butler sisters find in this book.

Do any of you have any of the above mentioned books?
What are your favorite books?
What is on your book wish list?

I hate it...

For almost 4 weeks now, and ever since taking Z-pack antibiotics my taste buds have gone wacko. I cannot actually decipher the taste of foods. All the foods I have been eating, the taste of them has been weird. My first discovery that something was amiss was when even ketchup was so spicy hot tasting that I could not eat it. It progressed to other items that had any flavor to them at all. When my boys were out from California we went out to a new steakhouse, I was not that hungry so I thought I would eat an appetizer… um, the onion blossom sounded so good. I could not eat it, the sauce was way too spicy, then I asked for Ranch dressing hoping that would work, but that was even too spicy. I could not even eat the battered covered onion alone. I have found that if there is not much flavor in the food involved I can eat it and not have to chase it down with milk. I have found that sweet foods I can still taste what they actually taste like for the most part. I am an oddball.

This was breakfast this morning….Unsalted pretzels, Pringles baked wheat pretzel sticks (honey butter flavor) and My Little Pony fruit snacks:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Az skies...

I went out to feed the horses last weekend before we started the "ground work" and this is what I saw... the pictures don't really show the awesomeness of the sky, but I am sharing anyway.

This is looking to the east... it is about 5:30am ...

This is looking north...

This is after I was done feeding ... looking to the east again.
This was fine day.
I sure wished I had my camera ready all the time. I miss good opportunities to grab some memories.

take care y'all and happy horsin' around!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ground work...

I just had 3 of my sons out form California last weekend (8/29 thru 9/1). Mattress, Kevo and JDrums. We did major ground work. We rented a big John Deere tractor. Our biggest projects for that weekend were tolevel an area for my round pen, redo the horses stalls (putting in the permanent ones), clean out the covered stalls, completely overhaul the front yard which entailed removing all the existing flagstone walk then placing plastic down and replacing the flagstone walk and adding in crushed flagstone instead of the decomposed granite we had before. Then we also made 2 steps off the front porch and added another walkway that goes straight out to the driveway. We also made 2 grass areas. (See sketch).
This was August 23 and 24, the weekend before the boys were here when we did some "new stall" prep work. The old stalls were all temporary panels, but we wanted to make a round pen so we needed the panels for that. So, this was the prep for permanent stalls.
TRuck eyeing where the first hole will be dug.
Daddy Not A Cowboy (DNaC) starting that first hole.

Yeehaw.... first hole is dug!! LOL
And cemented...Then it was break time... LMAO!


Then TRuck's girlfriend came over, she is holding onto the end of a string that we have tied at the end of last stall corner pin. When the men needed to dig a new hole she would tighten the string. Thus, hopefully we have a nice straight line for the back of the stalls.
Hole #5 was the last one we dug. DNaC figured we would wait for more man power, when our boys would be out.~~~~~~~~
The boys are here! This is last weekend.
We started with the front yard work.
This turned into many hours of hard labor, even though on paper it sure seemed like it should not have taken that long, but digging, lining up block and laying flagstone sure did.
Here are pics of the end result.
(before we had wood steps off the porch and no walkway to the driveway)
*I say driveway, but it is really the drive around the house kind of driveway.
These same kind of blocks that are forming the steps, we stood up to make the block divider for the grass areas.
The walk along the house that we removed the flagstone and lined the area with plastic, then redid the flagstone (like putting together a puzzle). Mattress, JDrums and Kevo all had a piece in this.
The small walkway to the driveway. On the right and the left of this walkway will be the grass areas.We leveled the area for the round pen and also redid our easement, but I don't have pics. There was a spot that kept large puddles after it rained and TRuck smoothed it out and built up the sides. We will see how it does with the next heavy rains.
That was Saturday's (8/30/08) accomplishments.

Sunday (8/31) morning, we are all refreshed and ready to go again...

All the temporary panels have been moved away except the front of the stalls, which we keep because of the gates.
Jackie making sure all is going well...

In the back of TRuck's truck was his welder, he did all the welding (he is a master welder, I tell ya. If you ever need a welder, he is the guy to see).
Most of the no-climb fence is attached, we used a fence puller hooked to one of our trucks for a tight fit.
Toby comes in to visit and check things out.

TRuck given Toby some lovin'.
Mattress, my oldest son, doing some of the last of the fencing attaching.

Whew, the boys were wiped out! Momma got all her work done, thank goodness for strong, more than willing sons to help her!!!
I am so proud of these men. I could not ask for better boys!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We are up and running again. My son formatted my computer. It was infected bad!
Now I can actually be on the net for more than 2 minutes.

Today I take R to the dentist to get his 2 upper front teeth pulled. They are destroyed from a combination of a mother that was on drugs while pregnant and bottle rot. At least the dentist figures those were the contributing factors.

So, I will get busy writing and I definitely need to do some major catch up on my reading of my favorite blogs. I hadn't realized how much I truly enjoy the blogs I read until I could not do it. I have missed you all so much!

Be back later...