Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wanna Barn...

As I drive around my small town on a leisurely excursion, I am in awe of all the different barns that people have around here. I do have a dream of getting a barn of my own one of these days.

This is my dream barn:

Floor Space: 1,440 Sq. Ft.
Loft Area: 576 Sq. Ft.
Ridge Height - 21'Abilene
Abilene f/p

And right now this is the barn I can afford:


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Diet Anyone???

I have to lose weight. I am getting to the age where the weight comes on but it, for some unknown reason, doesn’t go away all by itself. Over the last year and a half I had gained almost 20 pounds (since the lovely menopause happening).

It’s nice to have to buy a bigger bra…


but I refuse to have to buy bigger pants!!! LOL

Where I worked before I had to walk up and down 2 flights of stairs at least 5 times a day. Now where I work, there is not much walking involved. I sit at a computer for most the day unless a patient needs a representative to talk to. And I just don’t get on my horses enough, to get any exercise out of that. 

I read in a recent Family Circle magazine about these 4 ladies that are starting a diet and exercise plan… they are all going to do some sort of walking regimen. I am going to pick one and also write down a bit of a diet plan to eat healthier (I don’t eat enough calories in a day as it is to worry about that part) I WILL ADD MORE WATER TO MY DIET!!!   

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Shopping with credit...

About 2 months ago, I got letters from 5 of my 
credit card debtors (I know, how come I have 5 credit cards…
 well I actually have more than that…. LOL) anyway, as I was saying I got notice that I have a choice to either accept the new interest rate of 29.99 % or I can opt out and keep my current interest rate of 5.95% to 7.80 % on these cards but if I do opt out, the company will close my accounts. So… of course I was not going to let them gouge me for the huge interest rate increase. I had 2 months to respond to this notice…. SOOOOOO 

Hubby and I decided we would go shopping and charge on a few of these cards that were at the lowest rates before we closed the accounts.

And here are the things we got… 

On March 10th we went to Best Buy and we got a camera…  a Nikon DSLR D40 camera (Yep, the same one that Pony Girl just got.. haha!) Man.. I am loving this camera. Depending on the pixel size of the picture we can get as many as 3000 pictures stored on it. We made the pixels a little higher, so our storage on the camera is at about 2200 pictures. Yeehaw!

The OLD camera:

the NEW camera:
Then on March 16th we went back to Best Buy and we got ourselves a 

new laptop. This is taking a little getting used to because it has Vista operating system on it. I have not used it that much because I already have 2 desktops and hubby has a laptop that he likes and uses on a daily basis. The reason we got the new laptop is because we have had to repair hubby’s laptop once already (the power connection went bad) and it cost us about $150. Also, I am hoping to use it in bed in the evening to read up on my blogs and supposedly keep up with my checkbook. Yeehaw!

The new laptop:


Then we went to Lowes and got faucets for our kitchen and 2 for the master bath. We used to have those funky white plastic things in the master bath. This was a good upgrade that has long been needed.

The bath faucets:

The kitchen faucet:

Then I went onto online and ordered me a step so I can get on my horses without having to have hubby or someone else there to help lift me up.

I got an Easy-up that can be hooked to the stirrup so that if I am out and about on my horse, I can get on by myself. (I am 5’1” AND old and need all the help I can get to get on my big horses… LOL) 

I also got dewormer and flymasks for each of the horses. I got some door latches for the hay barn and a few gate latches (ones that my mischievous gelding can’t get open I hope). And a few other things that were needed.
There is even little sparkles on this fly mask for my beauties.

Then we went to the Nascar race down in Phoenix.


Go Gordon

Go Earnhart 


That was a nice spending spree….the bad thing is now we have to pay the bills (but at least they are at a low interest rate!!!!)

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