Friday, April 25, 2008

My 5th son, T……

T has 4 older brothers and one older sister. If you want to know what T is like, just take a little of every one of his siblings and you got him.

He takes his mechanically inclined ways from his oldest brother M and his generosity too (we even have called T Mini-M). He gets his funny way of remembering all the crack up lines from some movie, even after only watching a movie one time, from his brother K. He gets his easy going laid back part of him from his brother J. He gets his funny laugh and odd sense of humor from his brother B. H gets his quick wit from his sister L.

It is uncanny how much he has just a little of each of them.

And he gets his drive from me… if he wants something, most times he wants it now and he will do anything to make it happen (in a nice way) like me. And he gets his non-worry way about him from his Dad.

He is a super kid and I am proud to be his Momma.

You will meet, over time, all our kids and the fun of being their mommy and daddy thru this blog of ours. They say you can’t pick your kids (or your parents). But I feel we hand picked our kids!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Neighbors got a goat...

The neighbor is moving. He is one of the many unfortunate people that have fallen under the mortgage hell that has strangled him to the point where he can no longer be in his home. This is the same neighbor that had the goat that our dogs had a feast on and we paid the vet bill of almost 300 bucks just to have the guy cook the goat a month later because the goat bothered his horse.

This neighbor also had another goat, a miniature one. Here he is.....

The goat’s name is Noah, he looks like an old man and he is as fat as can be, but he is a good little goat. Well, the neighbor asked us if we would please take the goat. Of course we will, we know how much Noah will enjoy being with our horses. Noah became quite moppy when the neighbor got rid of his horse, so Noah will be one happy little guy. Goats are very good companions for horses.

So our pack of animals just keeps growing.



We have 4 high egg producing chickens. Their names are Traffic (this is a California White, hence the name (we had another California White and her name was Smog)), Maverick because she is this beautiful shiny black chick that shimmers with green in the sunlight, Batman is a darling little feather-footed bantam, then there is Grasshopper who is just a plain white. We get 3 eggs a day average, which is plenty.

Hubby brought home another chick that the guys at his work found wandering in an area that looked like the poor thing would need to be rescued from. We haven’t figured out a name for her yet.

On Friday we will be picking up a few more baby chicks, these will be 2 production reds, 2 orpington buffs and 2 giant blacks.

Anyway….., last night we put the newbie chicken in the dog run, but this morning, she was loose. So, hubby told me to round up the newbie and get her into the cage with the others. I ran around and around looking like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get her caged… finally I opened the cage and of course the others came running out… so here I go again… running amok. Then the neighbor yells over, “good morning, K, chickens out again?” “Yea”, I yell back while muttering under my breath. Finally I am able to run them all in the same direction and all go running into the cage.. oops, cept Maverick takes a mean right turn just as I am closing the door. “Ok, Maverick “, I say, “you get to fend for yourself today” cause I need to get to work. So, now she can reek havoc with the horses and terrorize the dog while she has fun being out today.

I hope our sweet Maverick is okay when I get home.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just as the hubby goes out the door, there is a high pitched chirp I hear in the computer room, of the fire alarms' battery is going dead. That dang thing is going to chirp every 1 minute until a new battery is placed in it. CHIRP! I can't reach the thing to get it changed because the manufacturer of my home placed it too close to the high ceiling, even with the step stool thingy we have I can't reach it. CHIRP! But that would be no new news for all my family because they never stop teasing me about being so short. Maybe I can bring over a kitchen chair and put the step stool on top of that.......or maybe not. I think I want to go to work today in one piece.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That dang pain....

This was from Friday, April 4th.........

I thought I was pretty much done with having kidney stones. It had been almost 3 years since I recall having them bad enough to get doped up and miss work. BUT then……… yesterday I wake up and sure enough that dang pain, I know THIS pain, started up and I can tell this is a bad batch of stones. Luckily it was close to when the medical center where I work would be open. I can live with the pain for the next hour and half just to not have to go to the hospital. My youngest son takes me in (he is such a great kid). Once I am there and they get my vitals and I pee for them they get that wonderful IV into my hand (on only the 2nd try mind you). I find out that I had a urinary tract infection and a kidney infection along with stones. So, one shot of pain meds in one buttock, then I roll over and they give me the shot for nausea and I do pretty good for about 35 minutes…UH OH, here comes the pain again….all the nurse had to do was look at me and then came the morphine… aaaaahhhh, pain free. I usually have a very high tolerance for pain, but this was pretty bad. I hate taking drugs and will most times just ride out the pain of just about anything, but I am glad I got the morphine this time. I went home and just vegged out for the remainder of the day.

I pray not to get kidney stones again… OH, and I will drink tons more water too so watch out when I make a bee-line to the toitee.