Monday, March 24, 2008

Writers strike…....

Ok, with the strike going on we were a little tired of nothing, absolutely nothing on except reruns and we can only stand “Three and a Half Men” so much. We had heard about the Showtime hit “Dexter” and thought we would give it a try. Quirky to say the least. Actually it is kinda fun to watch a serial killer, who happens to work for the police as a blood spatter specialist, who is a bit of a wimp when not killing people. I think it is because he holds back so that people around him will not see aggression, I also figure he waits until he decides to kill the one he is wimpy toward. HA! We are still trying to figure it out a bit, but we sure seem to look forward to the next episode.

Then there is “Eli Stone”. A lawyer that has a brain aneurysm that causes him to imagine some pretty off the wall things that helps him with his cases or gives reason to why he has some cases. This is nother show that helps with the monotony of seeing the same old stuff.

I hate American Idol and wished they would put it on cable TV and not take up 3 nights a week for the dang thing.

Ok, then and again I end up watching non quirky shows, or as he refers to them, stupid, shows like “CSI” and “Rescue Me”. But give me quirky entertainment to take me away from the everyday life for a short while. Thank goodness for our DVR.

See ya next week Dex!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

work........good and bad

Today’s job was to go up the mountain into the forest to cut tree branches that were hanging too low for traffic to clear. The sky was a deep blue, the trees were bright green and the air was cool and fresh with a slight smell of someone’s fireplace keeping them warm. A beautiful day, that was pretty good. That fresh air smell changed as we rounded the next turn. A dead skunk was laying in the middle of the road, having been run over the night before. That was pretty bad.

As we drove up the mountain we noticed a mule deer and 3 of her babies chewing on the fresh foliage. We stopped to watch and admire the peaceful picture. That was pretty good. We got underway and headed for the job site. Not much further up the road a party of javalena’s were crossing the road. Most people say that God has made at least 2 mistakes. The pit in an avocado is way too big and the javalena’s are just too darn ugly. That is pretty bad.

We arrived at our first stop and prepared our chainsaws. A man came up to us and asked what we were going to do. We told him that we needed to remove a few tree limbs so that they would not interfere with school buses and fire trucks. He thought that was a good idea and even asked us to take a little more than we needed. He was very happy when we agreed. That was pretty good.

Further up the road we could see another low hanging limb. When we got there, we could see where it had been hit a few times already by a high profile vehicle. We started up the saws when an elderly lady came hurrying toward us. I motioned to turn off the saws as she came closer hollering something and waving her arms. Don’t you dare cut my tree, she told us. We tried to explain the reasons we had for cutting the limb, but she didn’t hear a single one. It’s our boss’s problem now, as we packed away our tools. The lady watched us pull away and raised her fist at us. That was pretty bad.

Walking through the kitchen door at home, my wife asked how was my day ? PRETTY GOOD and PRETTY BAD.

Let it snow....

Written Feb 16th....

It is snowing today, it is just beautiful. There may even be enough to stick on the ground this time. Even though I get cold easily, I love this weather. I have yet to be able to make a snow angel since moving here a little over 5 years ago. Not so sure I want to plant my a$$ in the snow to do that anyway…. HA!

I remember one time, it must have been 2 years ago, it was a good snowfall and my husband was due home from work any minute… my son and I were outside making snowballs and were waiting for the perfect time to bombard my husband. We certainly gave him a big surprise. He got right into it with us. I loved it!

A few of my kids got to come out for the Christmas holiday and we went up to the snow to play for a while (I will post a picture later). That turned into more of a ” watch my youngest son play in the snow with his Chevy Duramax truck ”…. that kid!!

What is so wrong???

Written Feb 15th....

Is there a reason why when we get older we have such a hard time sleeping. Is it because we are sedentary a little more (well I am, hubby is definitely not during the day). I have a sit down computer related job, he is always on the go all over our county maintaining the roads.

He went in for his yearly physical and also mentioned the “not sleeping” part. Doc gave him a new prescription for a supposedly fantastic sleeping pill… did it work? NO, at least the first night it didn’t, then the 2nd night was only a little better. So, now he is trying the Nyquil thing along with the pill.. let us pray this works!!!! He deserves to be able to sleep.


I miss him!!

Written Jan 28th.... and finally posting it now..........

Having a foster child makes me realize how much I sure do miss him. I am enjoying the foster child in many ways, then again I resent her in other ways … like when he can joke around as he casually does with everyone and it seems that I am the one that does the discipline. I know I look like the “bad guy” in this girls experience with us. I feel bad for this girl because from what we have seen, she was brought up very well, has manners, knows right from wrong, loves her family, etc…. it seems that for the most part she lived with a very strict environment where a woman that is not her mother rules the roost and apparently truly hates this young girl. It appears that this mother figure just does not allow this young girl to be a young girl. She had never decorated a Xmas tree, she cannot make a decision on her own. …. But…this girl is striving with us to an extent, she almost never turned her homework in… and while I am having a good time helping her with it, I can see that she actually feels homework is no longer the chore it was at home.

And there is so much more I could mention….. but I find every day there is a reminder that I don’t have him like I got used to having him…

I miss him!!!