Friday, April 12, 2013

What have I got to say, it's been too long since I've been here...

Let's get some updates in!

For those of you that so kindly read what I ramble about , here goes…

  • I am on a water fast!  It is supposed to help cleanse the body. I started it Monday evening at 6pm. It is now almost 9am Friday , and I am still on it. I have had nothing but water and my vitamins. I didn't even think I would make one full day. But for some reason, it has been easy.  I did not do this to lose weight, but I have lost 5.2 lbs. as of last night. I am not hungry in the least. I feel good. I had a tremendously weird dream 2 nights ago, which  supposedly is typical of those who water fast. My tongue feels weird also, which is another typical thing that happens.  I may try and go till tomorrow morning on this, but if not, no biggy.

  • My daughter's IDIOT husband tried to pick a fight with my husband when we went to "rescue" her from having to be subjected to his anger AGAIN.  He is supposed to be in a lockdown rehab place, (based on what they report to the court system) but they don't lockdown. I am livid as usual, but I can't do anything I have no control over. So, I must just live with the idea that my daughter is an idiot too for continuing to see IDIOT.

  • Oh….. WE ARE MOVING in a month and a half. Just to the next housing tract. It is to a house that my oldest son started renting 14 or so years ago, then moved out , but still manages. Everyone of my kids have lived there at one point or another. And now we will live there with one of my sons.! I am excited! Got any spare boxes? Haha! 
And now some things I read or saw and want to share.
Remember when?
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 photo funnytv_zps66b8bb06.jpg


Now laugh with me! 

It's happened to me:
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That's it for now folks!

Please place your questions or suggestions in the box and I will get back to you in a bit!

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