Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update to the battle of the bulge!!

So, I had dental work on Monday. I have lost 14 lbs since then. I have stitches in my gums, so I have not eatin, I am sure that helps. I just don't want anything at all to bother the healing. But, you know darn well once I can eat again all the weight will find its way back onto my hips!

I have decided that now that we actually HAVE to clock out for 1/2 hour at work that I am going to take walks. The area is nice and I will go by several places that have horses so I can visit. Ten hour days at the computer can hinder this diet for me, but I am going to try my best.

My son, TRuck, he said a few weeks back, "Hey Mom, Dad, how would you guys like to walk with me when I am home in the evenings?" WOW, I asked him why he said this, I think he was being kind to say that he just wanted to spend time and felt that it would be good for all of us. But I am going to take him up on this.

I am also going to be able to ride with a friend at least once a week, which I absolutely love to do.

I'll check in with you again soon.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just call me chubby (I mean FAT)!!

So, I am to the point where I totally hate myself! I AM FAT! I am embarrassed at letting myself get this way. I am saying now," I wished I had done something to lose weight when I was a FAT 140 lbs". I certainly do not want to be saying at , lets say 170, that I wished I had done something when I was an even fatter 160 lbs.. So, I have to eat healthier, no sweets and exercise more!!! I write this here to get my motivation going. I am sharing with you some pictures of me over the last 20 years. I hope by me seeing these pics, I will keep myself in line!

So it begins.... Here I was with my mother, I was 34 yrs old and weigh 121 lbs (my six kids are ages 14 yrs down to 3 yrs old). I did pretty good. I weighed 98 lbs when I got pregnant with my 1st son. I got back down to 106 after he was born, then got pregnant when he was 3 months old and lost that baby, but kept the 10 lbs I had gained before getting pregnant again, then after my 2nd son (who is 18 months younger then my first born), I just could not seem to get below 119 to 121 lbs. I did however get down to the 121 lbs mark after each and every child.

I was 39 here, I was about 122 lbs, not too bad, (my kids are now 19 yrs old down to 8). I had been doing a ton of running around to football, baseball, cheerleading and so forth keeping up with the kids,
 I am sure this is why I was able to
keep my weight down.
(as you can tell... I am little,
I am 5 ft 1 1/2" tall)

I was 40 here, my daughter  is 12,
we are in Florida at Disney World
for a cheerleading competition
 (Her sqaud won 3rd from all of the united states)!!  I think I was maybe 125 lbs then.
There was less kids sports practices and events to run around for.

<--------------------I was 43 here and....

                                                 Slowly, but surely ... packing it on!
                                         I was up to 132 lbs here.



I am 45 here, and a I actually lost a few
                   pounds, I think I was down to about 128.

         Then I discovered a wonderful food called
         ravioli in Alfredo sauce.
A coworker  got me hooked on it
 and it became my lunch 3 times a week
and I gained at least 10 lbs.

                 I moved to Arizona and vowed to lose weight.
                 I didn't! (not YET anyway).

        Here I am at 47 and weighing in at a
whopping 142 lbs.

Swearing that I must lose weight!

            Here I am at 48 1/2 and have gained some.
                          I weigh 148  here.
                          (geez... more than just pudgy that is                                                                                    for sure!!!)

Unfortunately I gained more and stayed at about 155 to 161 for about 10 months.


When I was a real estate agent,
I had 2 tremendously stressful
deals that took so much out of me,
I lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks.
Here I am at 49.
I was down to 138 again,
I was unhealthy in that I just didn't eat and I was losing my hair, my nails
got week. Amazing what terrible things stress can do to a body.
I got thru the real estate deals and I was.feeling better about myself.


I kept all that weight off for a year!! Yeehaw

But ... I am getting older, my metabolism is not what it used to be.
Here I am sometime in my 50th year.
I went through menopause (oh joy!)
And with menopause came several things, my thyroid was
whacked. I became anemic.
((luckily my menopause symptoms,
(the hot flashes and weight gain)
only lasted about 2 weeks, thank goodness))
BUT, and this is a big but.... I gained 15 lbs in those 2 weeks.
So, now I am back up to almost 155 lbs
and I am hating myself!!!

What to do????
Well, eat of course!

So, 2+ years later and
here I am again hitting over 160 on the scale! I don't want to confess to
exactly how much over 160, but it is less than 165........
In other words

So, here I sit vowing to lose weight. I tell myself
I have to lose 40 lbs, so that if I gain back half of it, it won't be too bad.

BUT.... I want to lose it all right now!!!!

OK, I know what I need to do, and
because I wrote this for all to see,
I am going to start today  to lose weight!
Hey, I am off to a good start.... I haven't eatin' anything for7 hours,
 but of course it is 11:15 at night.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow, they will be doing a lot of dental work,
so this may be a good head start... I will be too
sore to eat much, if anything.

Check back with me, I will update as I lose it.
(and I don't mean my mind)