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by - 8/24/2008 09:27:00 AM

Virus attack!! It hasn't stopped.
My blog got hijacked. Thank goodness all I lost was my background layout and my XML changes. Luckily when I logged on all my added elements were still there but with a blogger default template that I had originally chosen when I started blogging. A big whewwww!
I have found that I cannot update my header nor change any of the XML. So for now, I hope this is the worst it can do to me.
My son Kevo cannot get out here fast enough!!!

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  1. Sometimes I get angry that in today's economy it takes two or more incomes to run a household, however when crap like this happens, I wish everyone had a job. People who write viruses are bored and vindictive. If they were kept busy, they wouldn't be ruining other people's lives.

  2. Yikes, I hope this isn't going around. I'm having trouble with pop=up blocks on blogger myself!

  3. I hope you get all the bugs out! How awful! I hate virus's

  4. Dont you wish that a virus would hunt down the virus-writers and make their puters explode?
    Cute posts in your archive!

  5. I have wait til my son , Kevo comes out, he will fix me right up. Until then, I can't do anything. I cannot upload pictures even.

    SMR... thank you for the comment. I will swing by and check your blog out soon.

  6. This sucks. But at least you didn't lose evverything.

  7. Wow, if you didn't have bad luck, you wouldn't have no luck at all! Hopefully, you have maxed it out for awhile. Hope Kevo can get ya all fixed up.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oh goodness, what a nightmare! I imagine it's a pretty unfortunate way to get a blog makeover, eh? I hope the kinks are worked out soon and I'm glad you're here, not matter what your template looks like! ;)

  10. Thank you all for coming by... Kevo has formatted my computer. Luckily he works on computers all the time. He is the wiz of all wizes.
    This virus got so bad, it made it so I could not even be on the net for more than 2 minutes and it would kick me off. See you all soon. I am so happy I can get back to my blog world now.

  11. I had a virus last week - a trojan horse that caused my entire system to behave like a maniac was in control of it, which is probably true. Anyway my son (!) helped me out too! God bless these helpful offspring. I had to have a complete delete and reinstall. I lost a lot of files but it is OK now - I have mine internets! again...


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