Friday, June 14, 2013

29 things....

Random things about me...

  1. I hate shopping… any kind of shopping when it is for myself! (see#11 below).
  2. I happen to prefer strawberry anything, soda, lotion, candles, etc, even though as a youngster I was nicknamed strawberry shortcake and hated the word strawberry because of it..
  3. I don't like the taste of coffee or tea..
  4. I love chic flicks, especially the ones that make me cry . Drives my hubby nuts, because he ends up having to take me to them!
  5. I love the show "Suits" which the hubby loves too, which is odd, cause usually hubby doesn't like the shows I like..
  6. I want to write a children's book and have had the idea of one for 6 years now.
  7. I wanted 16 kids.
  8. I love blogging, but don't keep up with it and have about 35 current ideas written down of what I want to blog about.
  9. I am obsessively clean, neat and organized at my work place, but not at home.
  10. I love lemon yogurt, but hate lemon pie.
  11. I am cheap / frugal – something my mother was and I said I would never be… but here I am..
  12. I am not in the least materialistic and it drives me crazy when I see diamond commercials or other things in the published media that make it seem like all women want are expensive things.
  13. I had 4 months in my life( when my youngest was 3 years old) where I suffered panic attacks about my kids, even though they were right there in the room with me.
  14. I learned to swim by being thrown into a pool at the age of 3 (by my father).
  15. I occasionally throw out things by mistake when in my "clean it up mode". Then fret about it for days.
  16. Although I don’t really like the color red, I love red roses.
  17. I check my email account too often each day and get excited every time.
  18. I hate making mistakes.
  19. I over plan things, luckily if things don't go the way I plan, I am okay with it.
  20. I actually like my "bone straight" hair.
  21. Something I always wanted to have was a quick wit, but I don't , but my kids do. (they got it from hubby no doubt)
  22. I have never danced.
  23. I make endless lists.
  24. I have a terrible habit of starting a story, then getting sidetracked with new ideas for a different story. I currently have 5 stories started..
  25. When I think about winning the lottery, all I ever can think of is winning enough to buy each of my kids their own home. There is nothing else in life I need, I am blessed beyond measure.
  26. I hate runny eggs.
  27. I am always early (thanks to the hubby)
  28. I love getting up real early in the morning.
  29. I love the smell of the fire pits at the beach, which I can smell from my bedroom. .

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblin'