Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have not been around lately to write, of happenin's and goin's on, if anyone noticed. I often wonder of other's when they go missing for a while...I sometimes wish there were a way to just peek in on them to see that all is well.

As for me being away.. it has just been a matter of not having the time of late to sit for more than a few minutes at the computer........ and it is not to do the things I enjoy, but to get a few things done, like paying my dreadful bills, purchase a few things for the home and such.

There have been a great deal of mundane and the usual stuff going on along with some great fun stuff. We went to California for 4 days in October. Me and all my kids (that is 6 of them) and most of thier significant others went to Knott's Scary Farm. That was a blast!!

I and my youngest sat here off and on watching items on Ebay that we were trying to get. What an awful thing Ebay is! I can't see people doing this kind of thing very much to buy things. It is a major chore and takes days to get one thing and the last minute is frenzy to get your bid in... THEN you have to hope you got the winning bid, cause if not, you start another 3 or 4 days watching again to see if you can win this next one... geez. I am positive it is rigged by the sellers to bid on thier own items to get the price high enough to thier liking. I am one that if I see an item, I will "watch" it. I am not going to make a bid til the last second. If everyone did that then peoples items would be bought at truly bargain prices. More on Ebay bargaining in another post.

After our mini California trip, it has been busy busy stuff with the little skiddos. They have each had colds and/or coughs that are always fun to deal with. The younger skiddo just had a dental appointment where they had to completely knock him out. They had tried on another occasion to take care of his many cavities in the dentist's office... they gave him the "juice" to supposedly calm him down, which in about 20 minutes I could see that he was really getting relaxed, but about 10 minutes after that he was as hyper as could be and the dentist even tried putting him in the straight jacket type devise they have for little ones and there was no way the dentist could get anything done.... so knocked out was the only way. He now has one silver coated tooth and many others that the cavities are scrapped away from. The dentist says this decaying of thier teeth is no doubt from the METH the mother and father had them exposed to.

Now it is time to gear up for Turkey day..... yeehaw! taken from the Associated Press release of Nov 14, 2008............. The American Farm Bureau Federation says the typical Thanksgiving meal is up a bit from last year. Even so, the cost of making a traditional meal at home for 10 people is still a pretty good bargain. It puts the average cost at $44.61 this year, up $2.35 from last year.

So, look for the bargains, maybe even get yourself a free turkey with the purchase of a certain amount of food.

Because I travel out of state to visit my kids, I just email them the list of food to get and they all pitch in to buy. Then we go out there and while the kids play thier traditional Turkey Day Football game all I have to do is cook. Check out what my hubby wrote last year!

This is a SWEET DEAL every year!

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