Readin' blogs and then....

by - 7/19/2008 03:58:00 PM

I think I have had it!

I go to my blog reading and always love to read and learn from others. I am compelled to leave a comment on every one. Then of course I go to the comment area and write my hilarious witty funny dull comments and then it is that time… I have to be able to do a word verification. This is not on all comment areas, but on most. There lies the problem, I see letters… scrambled letters that are written on a wave or a tilt or what have you. This should be very simple, all one has to do is type the letters you see into the box and click submit in order for your comment to be saved. Now, I don’t proclaim to be the smartest gal around, but I can read and I am a pretty good speller. BUT, I don’t want to mention how many times I type the word displayed to verify and it does not accept the letters I have typed.

Anyone else have this amazing glitch in their computers that doesn’t listen to what your fingers type? Ahhahaha!

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  1. I hate those blasted things. I really do.

    BUT- the reason I havet hem up on two of my blogs, if not all three of them- it seems to stop the freaking spammers. You know the ones- who go to your blog, and say, 'I cant say anything about this blog because it sucks'....

    I dont want to admit how many times i have to retype those blasted words... but its usually a LOT!! You are not alone Momma! ;)

  2. I don't mind that the darn verification has to be done cuz I don't want computer bots invading me either... LOL. Just gets a bit annoying when I know my fingers don't listen to my brain when I type. teehee

  3. oh, i am so happy to hear that you have this problem too, i was about to go get my eyes checked for glasses! you saved me the visit!! your blog is so cute, i just sit and read and catch myself with a big ol smile on my face! thanks so much for stopping by, you will absolutely be one i come to daily!!

  4. Thank you Spanki for venturin' over here to my blog.
    I absolutely love your blog! You are a daily read of mine *and the lists grows. Pretty soon I will have to have 2 days of in the week just to read other's blogs.... LOL

  5. Yes I have had the same problem. I realize that the word verification might be needed but I find it quite annoying. But to each their own.

  6. I have that same problem on the blogs that I comment on! It really annoys the heck out of me to tell you the truth!

  7. i misspell a lot anyways - but we have gotten lots of junk comments, the word verification saves us. :)

  8. You must be able to accept cookies on most of the word verification blogs.

    Look to see what your cookie setting are, and see what your security settings are. If you have security settings on HIGH, it will not accept word verification. If on Medium it will accept on most. IF you have your settings to reject all cookies?, word verification blogs will not work for your commenting pleasure.


  9. The only reason I use it too is to keep the spammers gone! If not you get so much crap (or I was!) Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it right!

  10. I don't mind it, actually. I know the reasons for it are good, I have had no spammer comment and I have the WV so it must be working? Probably one out of every 10 times I do have to retype it because I misread it or typed it wrong. Sometimes I get confused between the "q's" and the "g's"! ;)

  11. I hate them too...especially when two different letters resemble each other, and I have to second guess what I am typing!

    It is definitely hard to get back into the swing of things once you have been gone on vacation! Sorry it has taken me a while to get back over here :)

  12. I hate them myself. That's why I turned them off when I moved back to blogger.


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