What horse are you?

by - 9/21/2008 06:55:00 AM

Ok, I see these silly things and I am always compelled to go and play...

Ah, the Quarter Horse. The most common breed of horse owned in America, noted for it's calm disposition and sensible attitude. A famous quarter horse played Black Beauty in the movie based upon Anne Sewell's book. You don't let life's problems bother you, and you deal with them in the most practical manner. You are quite intelligent, and it wouldn't hurt to use your talents to have a little more fun, to walk a little more on the wild side, like your ancestors.
Your owner will most likely be either a cowboy or a young person learning to ride. You also stand a high chance of becoming a school horse.
Your color will most likely be: Anything, but most likely chestnut.

What breed of horse are you? Find out!

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  1. I am a wild spirit, who belongs in the wilderness...

    I get that answer all the time. I think it's because I always show up to the dance in yesterday's manure stained jeans.

  2. Hey Momma! I wanted to pop in and say thanks for popping in at my blog, and leaving such encouraging comments. It means SO much, and I love hearing from you!

    Shoot me an email sometime if you need to!

    PS- Mikey totally rocks doesnt she? lol

    PSS-- hehehe... Dear Husband and I didnt take the "What horse are you test", but we thought about the horses we know.. and decided I would be a draft/ Thoroughbred cross mare...I am big and sturdy, can work most other folks into the ground, and I have 'T-U-D-E when need be! ;)

  3. QH... eheheh.. fav breed pretty much, so that's lovely.

    Can I assume the fitness fanatic is a TB?

    So wasn't going to get Arab!

  4. Thanks MM for this kind comment. The email invitation is great, I may have to take you up on that. Keep up your great posts!

    BECG... I love being a QH, kind of like my own QH (can be bitchy at times... LMAO)

    thank you all for stopping by! I do not write much, I love all you bloggy friends and try and visit you all as much as I can!

  5. Hey!! I was a jack as...Donkey! LOL! Just kiddin I was a QH! See that why we get along so well!! How fun! Thanks for catchin up! That is what I am trying to do! I swear I miss a day or two and everyone posts!! he! he! I love Josh Turne btw!! Have you heard "that's just the way he was raised?" Oh it is a tear jerker!!

  6. AHHAHAH! Josh Turner was on WOW's blog!! I had it minimized! Well I still like him!!

  7. I was a quarter horse too. Was hoping to be an appy! lol! Appy's are just quarter horses with bling anyhow! Fun!

  8. don't have time to take the test (see latest comment on your blog lol) but i have done it before... and the car one... and guess what?

    in both i was a mustang lol


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