Saturday, November 3, 2007

Turkey Day

The holidays are upon us and we travel out of state to see our kids. Our kids give up their bedrooms and put their lives on hold every time we visit. First thing on Thanksgiving Day is their annual football game. They play with friends that went to grade school with them. Now they are all grown adults with many different lifestyles .After the game they all get together for a picture or two. Back to the house where you can smell the turkey that K.R. put in the oven, the kids take showers while I help put out the munchies and play with the grandkid. Dinner is now ready and the turkey smells great. The kids get their plates and start digging in. It’s noisy and it’s messy and it’s us. Although the food was great, it takes second place behind the feeling of being a very close loving family. K.R. and I are very lucky and can’t wait till Thanksgiving Day.

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