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in other words...
Oh My Goodness Gracious!

I have spent a tad over 2 hours looking at a bunch or You Tube videos and checked 
website after website about 
Home Organizing and 
the Home Binder type system.

I am in the process of making a
Home Binder
for my household.
The thing about me, and I have said this before about
my over zealous type personality that I have.
Basically I get obsessed with certain things that I like doing (or have a passion to do)
and I go "hog wild"
with it.
I even get to the point that I can't sleep at night thinking about all the things I want to accomplish.
BUT, I am a planner/sketcher/list maker.
I do more of all the prep work , way more than I need to, before I 
even get started.
Of course, all with good intentions!

These are some of the things lately that I have been "hog wild" about:

1) Blogging:
I got my blogs started, but, as usual, I spent more time with the techie part
of having a blog than the blog writing.
It is a work in progress, and something I think
about everyday.
My goal : Write more often and have fun with it.

2) Crafting/paper crafts.  
Now, I have done a few tags and ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) and even did 
a mini album Recipe Page, ableit, all for swaps. 
BUT, I have watched hours and hours 
of You Tube videos about flower making, mini album tutorials, card making,
inking and stamping! I should be an expert by now!
Now....I just have to actually get my paper crafting underway.
My goal: Start with the first project I have a passion to complete , 
make it for my home and have fun with it!

 3) Home Binder
I have had my own planner book for the last two years
and have also had a financial binder for these two years also,
but I want a little more from this menial system I had been using.
My goal: Make the binder user (me) friendly and start my New Year with it!

So, all reasonable goals!
Y'all can check back with me
to see how I fair.

Everyone take care
and have yourselves
some magnificent holidays!

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  1. Love the plans! I can totally relate, sometimes I will spend an afternoon adjusting the layout of my blog, rather than adding content to it!

    On the days when I write a lot of posts, I tend to time stamp them so that they're published on different days - it keeps my blog updated on a regular basis! ;)

    1. I will have to try that scheduling thing for my blog writing. Thanks for stopping by and the great tip!


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