Snow Day...

by - 2/09/2009 08:08:00 PM

Finally we are getting snow!!

I guess it is good then that I have to be stuck inside preparing all my stuff for my taxes anyway. One of my son’s girlfriends will be doing them for me this year, so I will save almost $250 right there not having to pay someone. For the 2 years prior to this tax year I had 2 businesses. I was a real estate agent (not by my own choice… another story one day to tell you) and we have the horse business. This tax year we will only have the horse business. So the taxes should be a little easier… then next year I may be able to do them all by my little own self.

So.. back to the snow… it is so beautiful. I know there are parts of the country where people are even snowed in, but I still think it is all so pretty. We won’t be snowed in… no such luck here. We have almost 2 inches accumulated and it is the early part of the storm. I will take pictures in the morning and post them for you.

Back to my taxes for a bit… then its bed time… or, maybe I will go to bed now!


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  1. No snow here, just LOTS of water. my poor horses and goats are half fish. :) can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Yes I can't wait to see your photos. We got flurries today, it was cold! Nothing sticking yet. I love your new header! It's beautiful!


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