Neglection (is that a word?)

by - 2/06/2009 08:26:00 PM

I have been neglecting almost everything in my life that means something to me. It seems that all I have time for is my foster kids. My poor hubby probably doesn’t remember what I look like and boy do I miss him!!. I don’t read blogs… I sure miss that. I don’t spend time with my horses… I really really miss that. My house is being neglected. There is clutter everywhere. The foster kids clothes are folded, but still on a chair in the living room. I could go on.

Our days are so hectic… my hubby gets up at 5:15 or so and is out the door by 6 to feed our horses, the goat and etc., and then be on his way for his 10 hour work day. I get up about 5:40 or so to get ready, then at 6 I get our foster kids up, gather up all their clothes and get them ready to go out the door by 6:20 AND IT IS STILL DARK. Then I go to work for a 10 hour day, which always ends up to be more like 10 and half hours, I get off no earlier than 5:30 pm. I go to daycare to pick up the kids and us and hubby all get home about 6pm AND IT IS A FEW MINUTES FROM BEING DARK AGAIN.

Into the house for dinner by 7 pm. I usually get the kids into their pj’s and plant them in front of a kid movie so the hubby can watch his tv and relax a little. Then by the time the kids are in bed and settled it is time for me to get in bed myself.

NO TIME for anything. On my day off I used to have enough energy to do things.. but lately I am just whooped and end up vegging, then when 4 pm comes around , I felt bad that I did nothing. I want to get back my will and energy to accomplish something.

There is one thing that I have been doing… but it takes no brains and I just sit. I have been reading about digital scrapbooking.. as if I will ever ever have time to organize my photos and do this, what looks like enjoyable, hobby of scrapbooking. Oh well, dream on, I say.

Maybe this cruise that hubby and I are going on will give me a refreshed attitude. A couple of my kids have put in money to get us this cruise. This will be our 33rd wedding anniversary on Feb 14th (our 38th year together).. that is pretty good considering I am only 39 years old… LOL.

Oh… did I mention we are GOING ON A CRUISE,,,,

Well, ya’ll take care and I hope to be back before the cruise to update ya more before our bon voyage.

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  1. Welcome back!!! I didn't realize that you had foster kids. Have you always had them, or is this something new???

    I can sympathize with your crazy schedule!!! Hang in does get better!!! And a cruise??? How fun will that be????

  2. TY Melanie! We have been doing foster care for 2 and 1/2 years (a total of 6 kids). Unfortunately the first 4 have been basically abandoned by the parents or thrown away and don't want them back, so they got adopted out. These 2 I have now, the parents want them, but the state knows they will severe because the mom is in jail and the father keeps testing positive for drugs and or not doing what he is required to do.
    Anyway... take care and thank you again for stopping by.

  3. Well, we know how you feel. Time, what time??? glad to hear that you are ok. Don't feel bad about taking time for yourself, sometimes that is your only sanity break!

  4. Isn't it frustrating how life can get in the way of... life? ;)

    Hope you have an awesome time on the cruise and are truly blessed and refreshed!

  5. Thanks for sharing with me, and I commend you for being a foster parent!! Not everyone can handle it. :)

  6. Enjoy the cruise! What a lovely gift from your children.


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