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by - 9/09/2009 02:41:00 PM

I am trying to put together a notebook to keep track of all stuff horse related for my little ranch here. I had at one point some preprinted papers from Country Supply (, but found these to be too detail oriented. I am looking for a simple way to keep track of feed, grain, psyllium, farrier time, bath time, etc. I guess I can just type something up and place it in my notebook, but thought I should come to the blog world and ask. So...

1) what do you use to keep track of the above mentioned things?
2) what do you have on your list of scheduled items for your horses?

thank ya all for your input!

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  1. Well I just have a small index card file with a divider for each horse. Everytime I do something with one, worming, farrier, meds, shows, whatnot, I make an entry on the most recent card for that horse. I only have 3 though, so it's not very time consuming. I used those sheet from also and found them a bit cumbersome.

  2. good idea, i use index cards also.

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I may have to use the index card thing, sounds simple enough. I was also thinking about using my outlook calender to do reminders of when psyllium, deworming, or farrier are due so I get an alert and these can be put into outlook once with a schedule.

  4. I use Outlook for EVRYTHING cause I can never remember where I put things and my computer pretty much doesn't move around.


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