Where or Where Has The Time Gone?...

by - 1/28/2010 02:25:00 PM

I just was over at a fellow blogging gal's blog, Pony Girl Rides Again, and was reading her Blogger Hacker post. I am just not that organized. I used to sit here in my free time (oh yea, there was a such thing as that at one time) and fiddle with my blog layout. I used to, on my drive to work think about what can I write for my blog. I used to look for something worthy of a picture and then think about what wonderful witty thing I could say about it. I used to ... my famous words right now.
I give myself excuses, but the truth is, I go through phases. I learn new things and go hog wild toward that thing.
We moved to AZ and got horses! I absolutely love my horses and I went hog wild with them and made myself a cowgirl. (I am really just a wanna-be cowgirl)... But a cowgirl at heart all the time!
I got into this blogging thing and thought about it all the time when I first got started. I went hog wild and would read tons of other's blogs and have almost no other time for anything because I wanted to keep up with so many wonderful blogs. I envied those that could write so often, but I had fun and even got the hubby going with it too. (And he can write some good stuff).
Then we had foster kids and our time was geared toward that wonderful choice in our lives. Of course I went hog wild, how could you not when you were caring for these children that all they needed was love and family.
Then I got into scrapbooking, computer scrapbooking that is. I went... yep .. you know it.. hog wild. I would go to so many scrapbooking blogs and collect as much stuff as I could to work with my photos (I still have all that stuff). But did I actually put all that stuff to layouts with my photos.. NO. Not for lack of wanting to.. just because I got into something else.
I got into making music webpages. I went hog wild again! You can check them out HERE. I love making graphics in my paint program, so I would do graphics to music. I would listen to a song and take a bunch of stock photos of many things and come up with a picture of what I felt goes with the song. Some would take hours before I felt the picture was what I wanted, some I would trash after hours and start again. I am still doing these and work on them when I can.
Then my hubby got us working on the remodel. And because of this, I wanted to be able to let the kids in California see our progress, I have come back to blogging.
I never really left, but it is good to be back. And I hope to keep up with it more. But I won't make any promises... who knows what I will go hog wild about next. LOL

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  1. Glad to see that you are back. Can't wait to see how the remodel turns out...

  2. Thank you CF, you are very kind.... I will have to get back to readin' more also.


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