Remodeling Fun... and What a Mess...

by - 1/17/2010 07:05:00 PM

So, here we are a into this remodel we are doing. 
We did bits here and there each weekend after the start of this remodel on Dec 5th.

The pictures below are from December 31st, through January 17th...

Dec 31st: This is from the formal living room toward what will be the bedroom, this is an archway that the hubby is getting ready to fill.  This is a mess!!

Here is another view of this archway but looking toward the living room.


January 1st.  What a good way to start the new year...

This is the current bedroom wall, we are leaving this up because of all the electric to our bedroom is in these wires.

Here is the old bedroom door frame...

We were able to reuse this door frame, but ...the top of the frame (below) was a bit more difficult to get out because of the way it was hooked to the ceiling... we did it though!


January 10th.... It took us  some installing and reinstalling to get the door into the moved doorframe, but we got it hung and level.. (this was FUN!!!! not!!!)


January 16th.... We cut the bottom of the sheetrock away to get ready to run the electric.

And we punched through one section of the old wall into the bedroom.


Today, January 17th.....  This is taken from where our bed sits looking into the family room. Seems so close, but after we get the furniture in the living room rearranged I am sure we will get used to it. If you look at this new bedroom door, the family room is to the left, the living room to the right and straight ahead is the other end of hall into the other 3 bedrooms.

Ok, we moved the wires and now we can punch out the rest of the old bedroom wall... WOOHOO!

I was standing where you see the TV stand in the picture below before my hubby punched out all of the wall in the above photo and apparently it was not far enough away, because a piece of sheetrock came out and killed my leg! Yep, it killed it! Put a big gash in my shin, even made it bleed. Well, look at it this way, I will carry this scar with me remembering what a fun time we had remodeling our home!.

As you can see, the bed has become a catch-all as we do laundry and try and keep up with the work on the house.

Did I mention was a big ass MESS this sheetrock is? Everything in the house has a fine white dust covering it. My poor little puppy coughs from the stuff and I am sneezing more than ever. It tastes like powder every time we breath and get some in our mouths!  pfffffttt!

I can't do too much of the heavy grunt work (it's best I just stay out of his way). So, I take to pulling the nails out of the wall framing we just knocked down.
These boards have 2 nails every 5 to 6 inches that have to be taken out... thank goodness for the little nail remover hubby has me use.

WOW... no more wall! This was a big break through!

I am now a bit sore and relaxing in my large bedroom, that kind of sounds hollow, to be able to get this little snippet written of what it has been like here in the Rock household lately.

Stay tuned.... there will be more to come soon.

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