Monday, June 25, 2012

Unemployed and work...

So.. Being unemployed has it's perks. Like sitting on my ass reading blog after blog. And I have been doing just that…2 hours rumbaing through blogs.

I really need to get going, I have to go mow the backyard lawn again………. But while reading so many blogs this morning and seeing some that the people are so organized  (they even have a time slot for blogging) , I have decided I am going to make some sort of list or plan for my days. I need structure for sure! I NEED to do at least one dirty deed each day to get my home in some sort of semblance of order. There are still boxes that are not unpacked and shoved into the rafters, so since being here for 15 months now it is safe to say I don't need that stuff, so that will be on my list of things to" sift through and throw away".

Now… off to work for me!

                          --- Momma Rock

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