Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get my bloggin' on...

I had spend several hours earlier today over on my Pinterest account. Which I am so addicted to. But, then I decided I really want to get back to my bloggin' more heartily. I enjoy reading other's blogs so much and I get a lot of inspiration from reading so many cool blogs, I just didn't do much about it.
So.. this evening I decided I needed a little motivation. I figured what I needed was a simple goal to start out with. I found it in "How Sweet The Sound" 's "Pink Saturday" posting. Now this is something I know I can do, cause I absolutely love PINK!!

Now, I did find several other lovely blogs that hosted themed posting, but the ones I saw so far where to participate by making something crafty. I would love to participate in some of these, but right now, with me being unemployed our financial situation makes for no extra money what-so-ever to be spent anywhere but for our living expenses. Perhaps I can find things around my home to make into some projects and participate in the lovely crafty ones when I can.

I am excited to get my bloggin' on again.
Bless you all and take care!

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