Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wanna Barn...

As I drive around my small town on a leisurely excursion, I am in awe of all the different barns that people have around here. I do have a dream of getting a barn of my own one of these days.

This is my dream barn:

Floor Space: 1,440 Sq. Ft.
Loft Area: 576 Sq. Ft.
Ridge Height - 21'Abilene
Abilene f/p

And right now this is the barn I can afford:


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  1. LOL!!! I happen to have a couple of those Breyer barns, and I would be willing to sell you at a sweet price...teeheehee!!! :)

    I like your dream barn. It is very practical and efficient, and it has everthing in it that you would basically need, right??? How about attaching a covered arena to it???

  2. Well your current barn is easier to keep clean and in good repair. But your dream barn is very dreamy.


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