A remodel, Snow & a Rainbow...

by - 12/13/2009 01:59:00 PM

So, a few weeks ago, my hubby decides we are going to do a remodel. He wants to enlarge our master bedroom. So this was the start point...
December 5th!

Our first goal was to agree on a floor plan. Which we did right away (a miracle).
So we are going to take out the wall between the master bedroom and the dining room, which we were using as an office anyway. We will move the office into bedroom 2. Then we are going to move the washer and dryer out of the mud room and into where the master retreat is (which will then be the laundry room). Then we are going to add a wall between the bedroom and where the laundry will be.

Here we are starting demolition... this is the fun part!
Here goes the one dining wall in the hall area.

Of course... with the knocking down walls comes the great big mess...

Now.... the bedroom wall. .

We only knock out one side so we can keep the bedroom whole until we get the wiring moved and placed where it needs to go.

More clean up. This is the current master bedroom wall and door that will be coming down and
 moved about 10 feet.

Below is from what used to be the office/dining room wall, which is now part of the master bedroom and into the kitchen dining area. As you can
see, there are these open areas above the arch entries between kitchen and hall.
I am thinking I want to make something there to be able to have light between bedroom wall and kitchen wall.
I don't have a clue what to do here to preserve the light filtering in and to be able to keep the noise down from
bedroom to kitchen dining area.
Have any ideas???

This is the finished floor plan.

Along with the floor plan change, we of course are putting in new carpeting in the
bedroom and painting the long wall of the bedroom.
AND... putting tile in the kitchen.

We hope to have a bunch of the kids out from California
to help with this project some time in February.


Monday, December 7th we have a storm come through.
 It was very windy, we could hear the wind all night long.
It brought snow!
The drive into work was treacherous. It was still dark.
The highway was covered in black ice and snow. We did not have the plows out here.
I eased my way onto the highway. The second I felt the truck fishtailing, I would let off
the gas and just keep myself in the middle of the road.
This guy in a small SUV behind me was on my butt, so I pulled over enough to let 'em by.
I noticed a lot of fishtailing going on with him, so I slowed down to keep a good distance. Then
I saw a bunch more fishtailing from him and then noticed he swerved from our lane over to the opposite side of the road and into the little snow bank.
I just slowly drove past and saw he was fine other than being stuck, so I did not stop.
I kinda gave him a wave and silently called him a jerk.
I made it to work just fine. A coworker that came in about 45 minutes later said he and several more cars were there stuck on the side of the road when she went by.

I did not get pictures that day.
Thursday, December 10th I took a few.
We still had snow on the ground.


Today is December 13th... it is raining.

and look at the beautiful rainbow we saw from our front window!
It was a complete rainbow, but my camera lens was not wide
enough to get the whole thing.

I hope everyone is enjoying the shopping days before Christmas!
Take care, y'all!


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  1. How exciting! All the clean up an work will be worth it when it is complete. Make everyone use their "inside voice" on the other side of the wall. lol Lovely rainbow. Who doesn't love to see one of those.

  2. thank you TW and That Dude for stopping by, I have been so entertained in other venues to pay much attention to my blog world... been knee deep in the remodel and making my webpages and watching Hulu.com for all the shows I don't watch on tv... since I never watch the real TV anymore. Take care and I hope to catch up on your blogs one of these days!
    Happy holidays to you and yours!!

  3. 這麼好的部落格,以後看不到怎麼辦啊!!!..................................................

  4. Nice post & nice blog. I love both.


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