Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soft scrub... homemade...

I had soft scrub, the orange kid on my list to get
at the grocery store yesterday.
But when I got there, my store didn't have it, they had the 
regular soft scrub. But when I saw the price I about 
gagged right there in front to the lady that was walking by me.
It was $6 and some change.
No way was I buying that.
Well, I was looking around for other off brand soft scrubs,
I was looking for any orange scrub, but none was there.

I noticed some orange dishwashing detergent, store brand. And then I saw some
cheap natural powder cleanser by Bon Ami. I read the ingredients in the Bon Ami and I liked that it was all natural.
So, I bought these 2 products figuring I could make my own soft scrub.
The store brand detergent cost $3.29
and the Bon Ami cost 99cents.

I did make a wonderful soft scrub and for 
only 81 cents a bottle.
And I have enough product left to make 4 more bottles.

Please see the video I made about it :



  1. Home made products often turn out nicer and cheaper, don't they? Love it! :)

    1. Yes.. that is for sure! Thanks for stopping by!


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