I want... it's all about me !

by - 9/12/2014 12:37:00 AM

I want to write in my blog more!
As you can tell it has been months since I came here. I suppose I found , I mean.. I know I found other things that can take up my time.

I also want to be witty, funny, organised, full of energy, more kind to everyone.

I want to be less obsessive about things and stop procrastinating about sooo many things

I want to be pain free. Seems the last week I have been having a bad bout of kidney stones. I drink tons of water in hopes to rid myself of them, but I think they multiply 3 fold if I pass one. Really tired of being in pain!!

I want to accomplish more in my craft room. Which is now in my master bedroom. (about that in another post).

I want Windows 8.1.

I want to fill my journals and art journals now! And I want to buy more even though I have not filled the ones I have.

I want all my kids to be HAPPY and enjoy life!

I want my husband to always know how much he means to me and how much HE IS MY LIFE!

I want more, but enough of what I want... what do you want?


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