Saturday, March 15, 2008

I miss him!!

Written Jan 28th.... and finally posting it now..........

Having a foster child makes me realize how much I sure do miss him. I am enjoying the foster child in many ways, then again I resent her in other ways … like when he can joke around as he casually does with everyone and it seems that I am the one that does the discipline. I know I look like the “bad guy” in this girls experience with us. I feel bad for this girl because from what we have seen, she was brought up very well, has manners, knows right from wrong, loves her family, etc…. it seems that for the most part she lived with a very strict environment where a woman that is not her mother rules the roost and apparently truly hates this young girl. It appears that this mother figure just does not allow this young girl to be a young girl. She had never decorated a Xmas tree, she cannot make a decision on her own. …. But…this girl is striving with us to an extent, she almost never turned her homework in… and while I am having a good time helping her with it, I can see that she actually feels homework is no longer the chore it was at home.

And there is so much more I could mention….. but I find every day there is a reminder that I don’t have him like I got used to having him…

I miss him!!!

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