Let it snow....

by - 3/15/2008 08:10:00 PM

Written Feb 16th....

It is snowing today, it is just beautiful. There may even be enough to stick on the ground this time. Even though I get cold easily, I love this weather. I have yet to be able to make a snow angel since moving here a little over 5 years ago. Not so sure I want to plant my a$$ in the snow to do that anyway…. HA!

I remember one time, it must have been 2 years ago, it was a good snowfall and my husband was due home from work any minute… my son and I were outside making snowballs and were waiting for the perfect time to bombard my husband. We certainly gave him a big surprise. He got right into it with us. I loved it!

A few of my kids got to come out for the Christmas holiday and we went up to the snow to play for a while (I will post a picture later). That turned into more of a ” watch my youngest son play in the snow with his Chevy Duramax truck ”…. that kid!!

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