Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is so wrong???

Written Feb 15th....

Is there a reason why when we get older we have such a hard time sleeping. Is it because we are sedentary a little more (well I am, hubby is definitely not during the day). I have a sit down computer related job, he is always on the go all over our county maintaining the roads.

He went in for his yearly physical and also mentioned the “not sleeping” part. Doc gave him a new prescription for a supposedly fantastic sleeping pill… did it work? NO, at least the first night it didn’t, then the 2nd night was only a little better. So, now he is trying the Nyquil thing along with the pill.. let us pray this works!!!! He deserves to be able to sleep.



  1. I wondered when you were coming back. And, yeah, I have sleep issues, too. I think it comes with old age.

  2. Yea... I hope to be back anyway. We enjoyed this, but life happens.
    Take it easy and take care!


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