Monday, March 24, 2008

Writers strike…....

Ok, with the strike going on we were a little tired of nothing, absolutely nothing on except reruns and we can only stand “Three and a Half Men” so much. We had heard about the Showtime hit “Dexter” and thought we would give it a try. Quirky to say the least. Actually it is kinda fun to watch a serial killer, who happens to work for the police as a blood spatter specialist, who is a bit of a wimp when not killing people. I think it is because he holds back so that people around him will not see aggression, I also figure he waits until he decides to kill the one he is wimpy toward. HA! We are still trying to figure it out a bit, but we sure seem to look forward to the next episode.

Then there is “Eli Stone”. A lawyer that has a brain aneurysm that causes him to imagine some pretty off the wall things that helps him with his cases or gives reason to why he has some cases. This is nother show that helps with the monotony of seeing the same old stuff.

I hate American Idol and wished they would put it on cable TV and not take up 3 nights a week for the dang thing.

Ok, then and again I end up watching non quirky shows, or as he refers to them, stupid, shows like “CSI” and “Rescue Me”. But give me quirky entertainment to take me away from the everyday life for a short while. Thank goodness for our DVR.

See ya next week Dex!

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