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We have 4 high egg producing chickens. Their names are Traffic (this is a California White, hence the name (we had another California White and her name was Smog)), Maverick because she is this beautiful shiny black chick that shimmers with green in the sunlight, Batman is a darling little feather-footed bantam, then there is Grasshopper who is just a plain white. We get 3 eggs a day average, which is plenty.

Hubby brought home another chick that the guys at his work found wandering in an area that looked like the poor thing would need to be rescued from. We haven’t figured out a name for her yet.

On Friday we will be picking up a few more baby chicks, these will be 2 production reds, 2 orpington buffs and 2 giant blacks.

Anyway….., last night we put the newbie chicken in the dog run, but this morning, she was loose. So, hubby told me to round up the newbie and get her into the cage with the others. I ran around and around looking like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to get her caged… finally I opened the cage and of course the others came running out… so here I go again… running amok. Then the neighbor yells over, “good morning, K, chickens out again?” “Yea”, I yell back while muttering under my breath. Finally I am able to run them all in the same direction and all go running into the cage.. oops, cept Maverick takes a mean right turn just as I am closing the door. “Ok, Maverick “, I say, “you get to fend for yourself today” cause I need to get to work. So, now she can reek havoc with the horses and terrorize the dog while she has fun being out today.

I hope our sweet Maverick is okay when I get home.

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