My 5th son, T……

by - 4/25/2008 11:23:00 PM

T has 4 older brothers and one older sister. If you want to know what T is like, just take a little of every one of his siblings and you got him.

He takes his mechanically inclined ways from his oldest brother M and his generosity too (we even have called T Mini-M). He gets his funny way of remembering all the crack up lines from some movie, even after only watching a movie one time, from his brother K. He gets his easy going laid back part of him from his brother J. He gets his funny laugh and odd sense of humor from his brother B. H gets his quick wit from his sister L.

It is uncanny how much he has just a little of each of them.

And he gets his drive from me… if he wants something, most times he wants it now and he will do anything to make it happen (in a nice way) like me. And he gets his non-worry way about him from his Dad.

He is a super kid and I am proud to be his Momma.

You will meet, over time, all our kids and the fun of being their mommy and daddy thru this blog of ours. They say you can’t pick your kids (or your parents). But I feel we hand picked our kids!

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