That dang pain....

by - 4/16/2008 08:40:00 PM

This was from Friday, April 4th.........

I thought I was pretty much done with having kidney stones. It had been almost 3 years since I recall having them bad enough to get doped up and miss work. BUT then……… yesterday I wake up and sure enough that dang pain, I know THIS pain, started up and I can tell this is a bad batch of stones. Luckily it was close to when the medical center where I work would be open. I can live with the pain for the next hour and half just to not have to go to the hospital. My youngest son takes me in (he is such a great kid). Once I am there and they get my vitals and I pee for them they get that wonderful IV into my hand (on only the 2nd try mind you). I find out that I had a urinary tract infection and a kidney infection along with stones. So, one shot of pain meds in one buttock, then I roll over and they give me the shot for nausea and I do pretty good for about 35 minutes…UH OH, here comes the pain again….all the nurse had to do was look at me and then came the morphine… aaaaahhhh, pain free. I usually have a very high tolerance for pain, but this was pretty bad. I hate taking drugs and will most times just ride out the pain of just about anything, but I am glad I got the morphine this time. I went home and just vegged out for the remainder of the day.

I pray not to get kidney stones again… OH, and I will drink tons more water too so watch out when I make a bee-line to the toitee.

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