Neighbors got a goat...

by - 4/24/2008 09:15:00 PM

The neighbor is moving. He is one of the many unfortunate people that have fallen under the mortgage hell that has strangled him to the point where he can no longer be in his home. This is the same neighbor that had the goat that our dogs had a feast on and we paid the vet bill of almost 300 bucks just to have the guy cook the goat a month later because the goat bothered his horse.

This neighbor also had another goat, a miniature one. Here he is.....

The goat’s name is Noah, he looks like an old man and he is as fat as can be, but he is a good little goat. Well, the neighbor asked us if we would please take the goat. Of course we will, we know how much Noah will enjoy being with our horses. Noah became quite moppy when the neighbor got rid of his horse, so Noah will be one happy little guy. Goats are very good companions for horses.

So our pack of animals just keeps growing.


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