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by - 10/04/2008 07:09:00 AM

Ok, here is a chance to get something on my blog on any given Wednesday and not have to spend anytime writing a single word.... Wordless Wednesday! I like this day. I even have about 3 pictures to place on this wonderful middle of the week day, but have I done it yet??? NO, Wednesday comes and goes before I can shake a stick at it....geez.

So... here I sit this wonderful Saturday morning and I am going to read and read and do catch up with my favorite blogs again. I keep thinking that if I finally catch up with all of them then I can very easily read each one each night... yea right, I sure wished it worked that way. Maybe when the skiddos go to their new daycare place I will then again have a lunch hour at work and I can make the effort to read on my time. Currently I work four 10 hour days, from 7 to 5 because the daycare will not take them earlier than a few minutes before 7 or keep them much more than a few minutes later than 5, I do not take a lunch (my work place is great in letting us eat at our desks as long as we continue to work, so I can get paid my full 10 hours.... but no time for me).

I got off subject there, sooo, I guess I am going to have to put a reminder in my outlook when Wednesday is so I can get a silly (because I don't do beautiful like Train Wreck and all the other bloggers out there) picture posted.... LOL

Y'all have a super Saturday ya hear!!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the visit! Wow, you sound alot like me..(When we lived in AZ, I had the same type of job, same hours only 5 days/wk! No time for myself..good thing I didn't know about blogging then! ...only I don't need to think about daycare)
    How come I haven't found your blog before this??
    Chores to be done, so will come back later this evening to read more...
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it! I love all the horsey blogs out there and I have found that I follow a close-knit family of them that are my favs. (Which grows all the time)
    Happy horsin' around!

  3. Eheheh... have you considered time stamping your wordless wednesday posts so if you end up with a small amount of time, say on a Saturday... you post them all and set it so that they show up on Wednesday and you don't have to fuss to get it done on that particular day?

    Always love the wordless wednesdays!

  4. Chris, I think I have heard about that timestamp thingy. Perhaps it may be the way to go....LOL

  5. You silly Sista in name and friendship! You have Beauty all over your page!! I just get lucky from time to time! As far as WW I know All about the Time issue! If you look most of the time I have A"Thoughtless Thursday!" (I made that day up!) It was because I work on Thurs and Friday, and don't always have time to do a full post! So I just make up a day! he he! So there you go just adlib! Make up your own day!
    And "The Wife, and WOW are awesome I love them! You will enjoy those two crazies! lol!!


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