Elvis and horses...

by - 10/14/2008 07:01:00 PM

Did you know that Elvis loved horses??? He once got a horse for his girlfriend and wanted another one for Priscilla so his girlfriend would have someone to ride with.

This was circa 1950's.

This was 1969, I am not sure but I think this horse's name is Rising Sun.

This is Rising Sun (for sure), Elvis' most prized horse.

Elvis ended up naming his barn House of the Rising Sun because of his love of this horse.

Elvis had a horse that lived to be 50 years old according to a housekeeper of his. Apparently Rising Sun lived to be 32.

Just a little trivia that I thought was kind of cool to know.

What famous person do you know that had a love of horses?

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  1. I did not know that Elvis had horses. Cool fact to know.

    I do have an old article about John Wayne that says he never actually was a "cowboy" in person and only ever "owned" one horse. I wonder how they explained away his ranches in Arizona. And didn't he have one in Texas? Yea-pretty sure Big John was a cowboy in real life too!!

  2. Cool to know, I'm like BECG didn't know Elvis had horses!

    Adriano Moraes, know him personally and he has some great looking horses! A buckskin in particular that he rodeos on! He is the sweetest guy. He rodeos with us at times, when he's not bullriding. Savannah had her picture taken with him when we first meet him a couple of years ago.

  3. Elvis and horses is a new one for me. But House of the Rising Sun was supposedly a whorehouse in New Orleans. Or have I been misled by songs?

  4. Patrick Swayze has Arabians that he shows and loves. Claims it is his #1 passion

  5. BECG, that article was somewhat true. He had a love for boats (yachts actually). My hubby's father worked for a yacht anchorage in Newport Beach, CA where John Wayne had a slip. He had a nice home near his slip and lived there for many many years.

    That Dude...You knew Roy Rogers???? LOL Yep, he did love horses.

    FL, there is a song with that name. I think the song came long after Elvis named his barn that.

    Amanda, I think I read about Mr Swayze and his horses once.

    thank you all for stopping by.. take care!

  6. Oh I knew this! In fact they still keep horses at Graceland. Some are sort of rescues that Priscilla bought I believe from auction.

  7. Callie, I knew they still housed horses there too, but not to what extent or what for.

  8. That is awesome. I love Elvis. I didn't know he ha horses, very informative. 50 wow can you imagine?


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