Windmills and old barns...

by - 10/07/2008 06:39:00 PM

I love old barns. I love old windmills.
I went looking at old barn pictures and pictures of windmills on the net last night. These are some of the ones I got and to beat all, some even have a windmill in the picture to boot...
(the last picture is the one I just took out my back door)

This barn is pretty detailed...

I like seeing the roof lines and the different material that have gone into making these barns.This is a barn in Moscow from 1922...
This was on the barn site, but I don't think it is a barn...

A window from a brick barn...
I just had to collect this because of the way the weeds and flowers are growing about it.
Why would a roof line like this be constructed??

And this is the windmill that is on the empty 5 acres behind us.
(behind these 5 acres is another empty 50 acres with a small ridge of mountains that made it so we could not get internet or cell phone service for the first 5 years we lived here...LOL)

I don't have a barn... but that is on my wish list for sure!!!

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  1. I love the old barns too. Sadly, there aren't that many down here! But on my Idaho trip, I had to restrain myself from stopping and shooting about 200 of them. Everywhere I looked were beautiful old barns!

  2. I love all your photos!! I too Love old barns and windmills!! I love to capture little "Ho" birds on my windmill!! he he! Great post! I love the windows in the one "Barn"

  3. And me too!! I hate seeing old barns fall to ruin..I want to 'adopt' them all! A pix of my home in 1900 has the windmill, rigtht off the back porch...the steel & concrete are still here (I just plant flowers around them) Wish it were still here to use!

  4. I too love old barns and windwills! Great photos! Thanks for sharing!


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