Lions and Tigers and Pumpkins... oh my...

by - 10/02/2008 03:02:00 PM

Everywhere I look there are pumpkins abound. This is the beautiful harvest season.

I love this time of year, we are officially passed the monsoons (like they can really put an end date on them... I mean, since on the calender we have passed the date that they say is the end of the monsoon season I suppose that means when we get the torrential blowing rain that we expect this weekend it is not a monsoon.... so what the heck will it be???? ...LOL) anyway, it is still nice and warm to be able to be outside in the evenings with the horses a little while. I was really tired of the rain and mud. I know my horses are liking it more too now that they have less mud to stand in.

Look at this old photo I found… now these are some BIG pumpkins!!

Oh but my gosh, where did the year go?

Halloween and Thanksgiving loom so close, then of course as fast as can be will be Christmas.

Now is the time I look at my “to-do” lists and reevaluate what needs to get done. I inevitably will be adding to them, but I look them over to see what will be the inside stuff to get done. I actually hate doing the inside stuff. I am still a California girl at heart and would rather be outside and barefoot.

My babysitter loves Halloween. She goes all out, she loves this holiday the most out of all of them. The day after she decorated, the skiddos were having a great time with the decorations after they got past the shock of seeing it all. I don’t have decorations anymore for Halloween. I guess I am a party pooper.

There is this farm here that one can go and pick out their own pumpkins. They show you the way into the patch (the corn field where they hide the pumpkins), but it is up to you to figure out how to get out.
Here is where you go in...I think maybe we may take the skiddos there to pick out a few pumpkins. Then I will have to put them on a bale of straw out front… yippee… decorations!

How do you decorate this Halloween holiday?

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  1. Welll....I put an electric Jack-o-Lantern in the front window! Presto I am done. No kids at home any more so the bar is set pretty low.

  2. Flying Lily!! Crack me up!! I try to decorate my porch. I will have to take a picture. I love pumkin patches!! I have always wanted to grow one, to get photos of the kiddos. I better hurry or they will be too big to hold down!

  3. FL... now that I have skiddos again I feel I want to do something... LOL

    TW, I use to love to decorate for everything, now it is more of a chore unfortunately, we do not have neighbors close enough to even see our place so I hesitate with going all out. It really won't take too much time to a little something... oh that dreaded word.. TIME...LOL.

  4. I have a pumpkin carving party to go to in a few weeks. It was a tradition the friend and I started as roommates ten years ago, and which she kept up even now that she is married with two children. I like the idea of carving a horse head onto the pumpkin, I might have to get artsy and try that this year!

  5. I love that pumpkin horse carving. Cute!
    And what poor horses having to haul those ginormous pumpkins. gah!

    I actually forgot it was October already. Maybe I'm ignoring Fall, but I'm just not ready!!! wah :(

    We get a couple pumpkins for the kids to decorate and carve, put a few dust collector fall and halloween decorations around the house, a pumpkin tablecloth. And that's about it.

    The kids are still trying to get used to not living on a street where the houses are wall to wall and they can hit a hundred homes in one night of begging for candy.
    We moved here last summer and we only have 6 neighbors and were all separated by acreage and dirt roads.

    We'll probably end up driving into town so the kidlets can trick-or-treat and show off their costumes. WHAT?
    I forgot about costumes.
    Gosh Fall means the end of lazing about doing whatever you want, doesn't it?

    It's plan, plan, organize, create, travel, make more plans, etc....Chaos. :P

    Happy Fall y'all!!


  6. PG... have fun at the carving party! That sounds like fun for more the getting together than the carving... *S*
    LOR...We will have to drive the skiddos into town too, they have a pretty good set up at the library/police station/city hall/city park little area. I am actually already looking forward to planning my next vacation.


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