Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home again...

I cannot stand this cough, but since I have to be home, I get to play in my favorite spot on the web, DeviantArt of course!! I must confess, I spent way too long trying to make an avatar for myself to use there in my identity. Seems that everything I came up with, the finished kb size was too large. They only allow 15kb max. I am just learning to use PhotoShop CS4 and I am trying to figure out the tools. I used PaintShop Pro for many years and this is so different, but I do see that it will be fun once I use it more.It is suppose to be the best for manipulation pictures. I even saw a tutorial on YouTube that showed how to give a girl bigger boobs.. that was a crack up!But I am happy to start using it. I hope to use it for all the pictures I take of my grandbaby and of course my horses and other animals.

I am starting a new art piece. It is going to be called Tenuous. It will be my first piece made in PS CS4, other than these little itty bitty icon I did.

They are cute, but too much work when I don't know what I am doing!..... LOL

y'all take care!

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