Warmth... please!

by - 3/14/2010 08:06:00 AM

Finally, the last few days have been warm, or I should say NOT COLD. Makes me long for the summer. We have had snow and rain so much that the horses stalls are solid muddy manure and trying to get through them is oh so much fun! LOL

I am one that would rather be working outside than in the house. So warm days make me want to do something outside, but inside work is what is on the books. We worked a lot more on our remodel yesterday texturing the walls, what a pain that was. The texture/hopper we rented is a piece of crap. The trigger is so hard to pull that I cannot even do it, so hubby has to do that part and.... to make it work best he must shake it as he goes along. I make the texture mix, which is not all that easy, but at least I can contribute somewhere. LOL! We were able to paint one wall and today we will do some touch ups and we should be able to paint a few more walls. I am so tired of the furniture all pushed into the middle of the room, I am tired of everything having a fine white powder coat to it from the sanding we have had to do. But this hard work will pay off. We will have a larger bedroom, woot woot! A bigger laundry room and a mud room, thank goodness!

Well, as I sit here on the computer listening to my hubby and puppy do their morning moans, I need to get in gear.
take care all!

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