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So, I am off today because I am sick. I have a super bad cough. The kind that makes you puke cause you are counghing so hard.
I did go to the doc yesterday, she gave me cough syrup with codeine in it so I can sleep at night. And Albutirol to help catch my breath when it gets hard to breath.
But it is not stopping me from spending a little time here in my blog and a whole lot of time catching up on some old shows I have recorded.

I have become an addict of a place called

I go there every chance I get to see the wonderful art work that people produce in all medias. These are from the everyday, you and me type person.
Here is my lastest submission I put there.

I made this graphic to go to the song "Makin' Plans" by Miranda Lambert

I am getting so much inspiration to learn more in PS CS4, which I
got a few weeks back. Big change from PaintShopProX2.
There are some things I just do not like, or I should say
there are things in PaintShop that I wished PhotoShop CS4 had.
Just going to take some getting used to.

Excuse me while I having a coughing fit... take care all!
Take care all

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