Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just a Stitch..

Ok, so I had a small punch biopsy on my face last week and Tuesday April 29th I was to go in to have the nurse to take out the one measly old stitch I had …which is something I could take care of myself. But first go back to the night before this, Monday, I had pulled on the horses corral panel to try and straighten out one of the stalls and ended up scrapping a good chunk of skin out of the palm of my hand on a screw sticking out of the bottom rung of the panel. Now, back to Tuesday… when I am in to see the nurse for the stitch removal she notices my hand and says she can get it cleaned up, but also asked me when was the last time I had a Tetanus shot. I can’t remember if it had been within the last 5 years, so the doc says to just go ahead and get the Diptheria/Tetanus/Pertussis combo shot. I was told that this shot gives a bad reaction and can make my arm slightly sore for up to 2 weeks, but not like what I was experiencing. Tuesday nite was not too bad, and Wednesday at work I could tolerate the pain, but it was beginning to get a bit stiff, but I was told to use heat on it. So last night I slept with the heating pad on it. By 2:30 this morning I could no longer move my arm at all. I got to work this morning and told everyone that I no longer have a functioning left arm. They all said I needed to be seen right away… so I tag myself in (I work at the medical center) to see the doc and find out that I should not have used heat on it as much as I did … and it looks like the injection was given into the muscle, but a little too high on the arm which made this a pretty bad reaction. Now I get to take a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen all because I went to get a stitch out.

See if I ever go to the doc again when I can take care of the problem myself…. LOL

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