Time on my hands...

by - 9/28/2008 01:15:00 PM

Yea right...
We went camping this weekend, had a great time (I will post pics and write about it later because there is just no time).
I need to clean out the toy hauler, but there is just no time. I want to be reading blogs, but there is just no time. I want to write so many things for my blog(my mind is full of um...stupid, um... mundane, um...okay, just stuff to share), but there is just no time. I want to update my Zune player but there is just no time. I want to be outside with my horses, but there is just no time. I want to work with Toby in the round pen, … yep, you know… no time. I want to make a dinner list for the week, no time (we will no doubt just wing-it). I want to watch the football game with my husband, no time. I want to burn a few cd’s, no time. I want to get more covers made for my DVD’s, no time. I want to read the book I started a month ago and have only finished the 1st chapter…
No friggin’ time.
None of these are even on my to-do-list which I never have time for !!!
Man.. I think I need to go lay down for a nap…..

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  1. I don't even have time to MAKE a to-do list!

  2. Talk about it... today was my day off and I DID NOTHING!! And I napped. And now I have not a whip of motivation to get off my a$$ and do anything. But the dirty kitchen awaits me.

  3. Thank you! I thought it wad just me! I runn so far behind I am always first!! And time keeps flying by! It was just July!! Yesterday!! Thanks for making me feel better!!I snuck on the computer at work to sneek a few comments in! Trying to CATCH UP!!

  4. the hurrieder i go, the behinder i get. if i do something that is NOT on my list, i write it on the list just so i can cross it off and feel like i actually accomplished something...

    seriously, when i find that xerox machine for people - the one i need so badly myself - i will let you know!

  5. The days are not long enough and I run out of energy... LOL

  6. LOL! and it only seems to get worse with age!!


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